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The Reefdancer is a semi-submersible vehicle (built by Sub Sea Systems) operating out of Lahaina Harbor on the island of Maui, Hawaii. This enables passengers, sitting just a few feet below water level, to view the fish and other creatures living in the reef. Meanwhile, divers locate starfish and the like, and bring them to the windows so you can have a closer look, in an effort to make this experience interesting.

The biggest problem with this operation is that there's not much more to see than the coral. This applies whether you go for the 60-minute or 90-minute tour. The main extra thing you get in the 90-minute tour (costing about $12 a person extra) is a can of soda and some crackers or fruit.

Some of the Reefdancer ads provide a phone number (808-661-4665) that connects you not to Reefdance, but to a ticket broker identifying itself as Maui Activity Center. I made a reservation over the phone and later went to pick up the tickets. It turns out they're located in a very obscure location, which with the best of directions would be tough to find. I raised this issue with office personnel, but didn't get a satisfying answer. I was told, however, that they had an "exclusive relationship" in which they made arrangements for all Reefdancer reservations.

When I asked the folks at Reefdancer about this, they said that Maui Activity Center was just one of numerous brokers selling their tickets and there was no such exclusive arrangement. Aside from that, Reefdancer personnel provided a surly response when I expressed my concerns about the difficulties I encountered with Maui Activity Center.

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