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Ed`u*ma ca"tion\ , n. Knowledge recieved from your Mother Or Grandmother

Kevin Howell web search for Kevin Howell - 29 Mar 2003

Finally I have located an authoritative source of information on this issue.

According to :

edumacation: the process by which one becomes edumacated, the achievement of which is generally marked by a gradumacation ceremony.

Eli Mantel web search for Eli Mantel - 01 Jun 2005

It is also important to know what a gradumacation is, what it involves, and so on and so forth, etc.. etc.. For to not include that would be to give you all a poor edumacation, probably botching any and all possiblities you could have ever had for being able to attend a gradumacation ceremony. And by doing that, we would be failures as human beings.

According to :

A gradumacation is a ceremony that is done to show that one has gotten a good edumacation.

To get a good edumacation, you generally get visited by the "board of edumacation" often. Some would say, "Board of edumacation, my ass."

That is entirely correct. The Board of edumacation is applied to the ass.

Going to a gradumacation ceremony is good. It means that you got all learned good and edumacated.

Sometimes a gradumacation ceremony involves sodomy. Lots of sodomy. This is supplimented by the Board of Edumacation. In any case, after gradumacating, you will have a very very sore ass for probably the next week, or so.

But then, you will be able to say that you have gotten a propper edumacation and even gradumacated. And that, is an Achievment to be truly proud of.

Some people incorrectly spell gradumacation 'graduation', which is, in fact, an incorrect spelling. It is gradumacation. Get it right, people!

Getting a good edumacation involves going to school and learning to ignore people who are talking. It generally takes about 12 years of learning to ignore before you have a complete gradumacation.

To gradumacate, you must be able to prove that you are able to successfully ignore history, math, science, geometry and the other fields of non sense presented. The Board of Edumacation will be often applied to the ass, to try to trick you into not ignoring the non sense. But, you must not give in! For, they use the Board of Edumacation as a trick of the devil. Pay no attention to the non sense, no matter how red your ass gets.

Once you are able to successfully show that you can ignore long boring lectures of non sense and leave without having let one word sink in, you are ready to gradumacate.

It is, however, a good idea to stock up on vaseline if you are even thinking about gradumacating.

However, learning to ignore the non sense lies of science, history and math under any and all circumstances and the application of the Board of Edumacation is not all that there is to getting a good Edumacation, which in turn, leads to a gradumacation.

There are important things you need to learn to gradumacate, asside from the non sense lies you need to ignore. Upon completing an edumacation, you must demonstrate the skills that you have learned.

Such skills include but are not limited to:

The operation of a water bong.

Building a bong, out of common household items.

Scraping resin, and using it effectively in times of crisis.

Breaking up weed effeciently.

The ability to tell the difference between regs and danks by mere sight and smell alone.

The ability to tell if a so called eigth is actually an eigth and not, in fact, short.

Learning how to smoke without making any smell.

Learning how to clean pipes properly.

Explaining why joints are an evil waste of weed, and how only dirty, slimy, gross, stinky, unbathen hippies use them.

Showing that you are able to steal from retail stores properly.

There are also many other things that you must demonstrate in depth knowledge of.

After you have gradumacated, you should be ready to enter the work force. With the skills that you learned from your edumacation, you should be able to get high all the time at work without being detected, and rip off your company shamelessly by stealing directly from them and not only just looking the other way at shop lifters, but actually helping them shoplift by selectively ringing up items, so that managers think that they are paying for everything, when in fact, they are paying for 5% of their goods.

So there you have it. The importance of gradumacating, the end result of a propper edumacation, and how it can help you in life.

ImplodedStar web search for ImplodedStar - 22 Sep 2005 --

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