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Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc aka Mister Checkout

Here's the contact info for Mr. Checkout:

1650 SW 22nd Ave Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486
phone: 561-367-0076
phone: 800-367-0076
web site:

This company sent me spam... here's the text of the message

Wholesalers - Distributors - Rack & Wagon Jobbers

Reach 44,000 Convenience Stores for less than $10 a week!

Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. has a unique network of independent route and wagon jobbers in North America.

Over 225 small and medium size distributors providing direct-store-delivery and full-service merchandising.

We are the guys and gals in the vans!

Email Blast - Direct Mail - or both.....You Choose!

Complete 12 month "Marketing Package" is only $495 and includes 25 eBlasts of your products to our Group!

Over 16 years of C-Store Distribution experience!

Let me help you sell more to convenience stores!

Call Bob Today! 1-800-367-0076

user mrcheckout at domain

Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. is a Member of BBB - Better Business Bureau of Palm Beach County, FL AWMA - American Wholesale Marketers Association NACS - National Association of Convenience Stores

If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply click once on the link below. Click here to unsubscribe

I called Bob (Bob Goldstein, that is) at Mr. Checkout, who insisted that I was on an opt-in list. How did he know this? He paid a company called "Westbury Marketing" to send out these emails, and they told him so.

Doh! How can Bob claim to not be spamming, when part of his business model is to "blast" a bunch of emails to recipients who are already inundated with emails from his company.

The ipaddress sent from is here's what spamcop says:

In the past 18.8 days, it has been listed 3 times for a total of 2.1 days

Google has one recent abuse hit on mrcheckout, using an apparently unrelated ip address, so not sure whether the spammer is bouncing from one network provider to another or is using a zombie network.

I spoke to Bob Westbury of "Westbury Marketing" who explained that spamming was okay since, after all, it wasn't any different than junk mail or telemarketing calls. Plus he claimed that the mailing was Can-Spam compliant... not as if this makes a difference whether or not the practice is acceptable, but it wasn't Can-Spam compliant.

Check out Spammer Westbury Marketing web search for Spammer Westbury Marketing.

What the heck is Mr. Checkout?

Good question. Here's their own description:

Mr. Checkout is an organization of wholesalers and distributors servicing over 44,000 grocery and convenience stores.

Then they go on and state:

Mr. Checkout is an excellent membership based trade association of independent distributors and wholesalers. We are not a franchise. As a distributor, you will have complete autonomy and complete control over your wholesale route business. Many route territories are still available.

So is Mr. Checkout some kind of cooperative trade association, or what?

A cooperative association couldn't legally guarantee a territory. That would be an illegal restraint of trade. A franchisor, on the other hand, could assign territories.

What's the Federal Trade Commission say about this?

The FTC hasn't ruled specifically on Mr. Checkout, but it would appear that the FTC Franchise Rule applies to Mr. Checkout. The FTC states that a business opportunity will be covered by the Rule if the following three definitional elements are present:

What options are there to become a Mr. Checkout distributor?


Mr. Checkout claims that many members are earning over $100,000 a year on their routes. They also provide a range of expected weekly sales based on 100 locations and a range of profit margins. Part of the consultation services includes assistance in setting the proper margins for your territory.

This page is provided as a research tool to those who are considering doing business with this company. Linked pages and content incorporated from other sources are the opinion of the information provider and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cagey Consumer. You should review the Federal Trade Commission warnings before investing in any business opportunity.

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