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To clear up one misconception, this is not a page about misconceptions people may have about mysql, but about mysql itself being poorly coneived.

This would be my first experience trying to install and use mysql, with no previous DBA experience... so I don't have too much notion about granting privileges.

I'm able to create databases and tables specifying user "mysql", but then I try to create something under my own username, "xyzzy" for example:

mysql -u xyzzy

Ok, it seems to take this. Then I try:

mysql> use mydb ;

and I get the response:

ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'mydb'

This is of course the first time I've gotten this error, I don't know just what to expect. What do I need to fix?

Surely that's a funny username. I identified myself as xyzzy, maybe I'm using the wrong option to specify the username. Perhaps there's a problem in that it doesn't have the actual hostname, and I need to explicitly specify this... or maybe this is just a special case in which mysql is unable to determine the username.

As it turns out, this is a special case. It's an especially stupid case. Now I'm being completely unreasonable... I paid not a dime for my copy of mysql, and I have no right to expect anything from mysql other than a bucket of random bits. The special case is that the specified username isn't even recognized by mysql, and they can't be bothered to issue an error message for that, instead just defaulting to a null username.

Although I have no right to complain, I still say to the mysql developers: "Damn you! God damn you all to hell!" I just don't think it's too much to expect that the system will indicate when it's been given an invalid username, rather than fail to indicate this specific condition, thereby allowing one to make a vain effort to get mysql to comply with one's requests.

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