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I just reviewed your page on the internet concerning: "Consumer Alert: Vending Machine Business Opportunities" and the vending machine business hoax of the Antares Corp.(Natural Choice USA), and sad to say, I too am one of those who fell for their scam.

Back in July 2001,Antares Corp. sent me flyers in the mail about the wonderful vending machine business and invited me along with other "selected" people to attend their seminar here in New Jersey and hear about this "lucrative, wealth-filled" business opportunity. (I know now, through other web sites and various searches, what a total fraud this company is: fined by the FTC one million dollars in 1996 for making false representations; testimonies of others, etc. etc.).

But they just continue on, traveling across the country and into Canada, week in and week out propagating their scams, seemingly with impunity! Sure, at that time back in July, I was in a desperate situation: not happy at all at my then present job; earning very little money with huge bills upon me, along with the many other pressures of life. And so in desperate situations, I guess you make desperate choices. Yes, I fell for their scam, their lies, their sweet-smooth talk, and bought 8 of their vending machines, all purchased on 2 or 3 credit cards (now totaling over $38,000.00).

I quit my job, with high hopes and aspirations and dreams looming before me, and started to devote ALL OF MY TIME AND ENERGY IMAGINABLE to my new vending machine route. And now what? Here I am, 7 months later: 6 machines are on location grossing a total of maybe $225-275 a week ( $110-150 net), the other 2 machines are still in my garage collecting dust.

I have a wife and three children to care for, as well as taking care of my sick, dying mother, who also lives with us. How in the world I am still surviving today, I guess is a miracle of God. My wife is a substitute teacher and brings home between $400-600 a month extra and my moms S.S. check helps out. But after all is said and done, I fall far, far short of what is needed to live and survive each and every month. It will literally take me the rest of my life just to pay off my credit cards for these vending machines. (I would need to buy about 30 more of their machines, just so I might be able to survive. But then again, what good would that do. They'll just be sitting in my garage collecting dust also). NOBODY WANTS THEM!

Yes, I fell for their lies, and the lies of their stooges I had to call, telling me that each machine would gross between $120-150 per week; that getting customers would be so quick and easy; seeing the lies on their video tapes I had to watch of "their distributors" carrying their huge "money bags" to the bank every week. I could go on and on. Perhaps I already have.

I'm sorry if I've taken too much of your time up, but after reviewing your site, my heart was broken and stirred afresh. Please forgive me. Isn't there something anybody could do to stop these traveling, stalking wolves from clamping down their fangs and destroying the lives of people, just like how they have destroyed mine?

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