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Mr. Dana Bashor, President
Antares Co.
5700 Buckingham Parkway Suite 200
Culver City, CA 90230

Dear Mr. Bashor:

In October 2001, my husband and I were approached by representatives of the Antares/Natural Choice company regarding "state of the art" vending machines. They had invited us to a meeting and had indicated to us that these vending machines are the best in the market and can be operated easily.

To make the story short, with their forceful attitude and false representation, we decided to purchase five machines with our entire savings that we had, hoping that the income would bring us additional money for our retirement. Both of us are retired and living with the minimum income that we get from the government.

Although we followed all the directions and instructions to place the machines, these machines caused us financial and physical problems for the following reasons:

  1. Placing them was far more difficult than the representatives led us to believe. We spent lots of money and close to one year to find locations that were less than ideal, and had to remove the machines several times. This process cost my husband his health and well-being, and also finaically drained us.
  2. The machines are far too expensive. Each machine cost us $6000, which is considerably more than similar machines.
  3. The income that we generate from these machines is far less than we anticipated based on the information we received (we have calculated that it will take us 6 years to get our money back).
  4. The bottom three lanes for beverages are only suitable for certain bottles of juice, which cannot be found in the Baltimore area. As a result we had to spend more money to purchase lane fillter for all bottom rows so that we could fill these rows with cans; however, we found that the cans will turn and often burst, making the customer frustrated.
  5. The dollar change machine will jam from time to time, causing problems for the customers and us.

Taking all the problems mentioned above into consideration and the fact that your representatives presented false and fraudulent information to all of the guests, we demand that an explanation be provided as to why this information was presented in such a mannter. We also request a refund for all the expenses that we have incurred up to this point. We hope to receive a letter from you as soon as possible.

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