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Debbie Buchanan, hailing from California, writes:

I'm a new vender and in about one week will have 3 complete machines placed. ... I'm a school bus driver, so I fill the machines on my breaks. ... I spend one hour (1/2 hour two times a week) at each location, and I'm making about $300 less than my full-time job.

What's wrong with this letter?

This looks like an income claim... Debbie is making "about $300 less" than her full-time job.

Now if she were making more than her full-time job (or even "the same" or "nearly as much as"), this would be meaningful. But $300 less than what? And is that $300 less a month, a year, a week, or a day? Of course, none of this means much until we know how much she earns as a bus driver.

Let's not overlook some equally important questions... what does Debbie mean by "making" from her vending machine business? Is this net income or gross income? Or is she actually reporting the revenue, without deducting the cost of inventory?

But wait a sec... Debbie tells us she's a "new vender"... she doesn't even have her 3 "complete" machines placed yet. She's too new to have had to relocate any machines, yet she's apparently happy with the level of income she's earning, even though Natural Choice emphasizes the need to relocate machines to find locations that generate sufficient income. I guess Debbie was pretty lucky.

But how lucky can she be? She's been working the business long enough to be able to report on what her typical income is, but one of her machines still has yet to be placed.

Finally, although we're ready to think that Debbie's earning almost enough from these machines to replace her income as a bus driver, information provided by Natural Choice makes it clear that it's not reasonable to expect the minimal three refreshment centers to provide a substantial income.

What are you supposed to think? What you're supposed to think is that if you've got a low-paying job, you can nearly replace that income by purchasing 3 refreshment centers... that you can begin having positive cash flow even before you've placed all your machines.

This is the impression that you're given, but Debbie is not reporting any material facts. It isn't likely that this is a coincidence. Antares has selected only about a dozen letters to post, so we have to assume that they were looking for characteristics like these... characteristics designed to give the impression of an income representation without actually doing so.

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