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I have transcribed the "article" portion of the Natural Choice Home Ceo Brochure web search for Natural Choice Home Ceo Brochure below. I have no knowledge that this article was ever published in any magazine, nor do I have any knowledge as to the facts presented herein.

Imagine that you already live a lifestyle of which most people only dream... Then one day you find there's a better way!

Mike Scannell was 53 years old and operating his own successful international consulting business, a business he started from scratch after serving both the Carter and Reagan administrations as a liaison between the White House and the Department of Defense. But something was wrong. It seemed that all he did was work. Endless business meetings consumed all of his time. The deamnds of his business were robbing him of a personal life. Often arriving home after midnight from an evening business engagement, he would be up early the next day for a breakfast meeting. There were phone calls from overseas associates at all hours of the day and night. He was on call 24 hours a day! Regrettably, that seemed normal to him!

At the time he never gave his hectic schedule much thought. "I was accustomed to the 14-hour work days and the 3:00 AM calls. I was in the habit of always working, so I really didn't think about it much. I just lived it and thought I was successful. Looking back now, I realize how wrong I was," said Mike.

"What changed everything for me was an invitation to a business demonstration at a local hotel."

"My first instinct was to throw it away, but for some reason I kept it. I was intrigued enough to call and even make a reservation to attend. I can't describe how happy I am with that decision. Not only was I introduced to an amazing business opportunity but I also learned of a whole new way of living!" said Mike smiling broadly.

He was introduced to a business that allowed hime to maintain his financial standing and permitted him much more time to do the things he really enjoyed. He was excited about what he learned at the demonstration and signed on with the Natural Choice program.

He started his business small and enjoyed immediate success. As his new business grew he gradually began winding down his government consulting career. "It was unbelievable!" said Mike. "I was seeing and doing things with my sons and grandchild on a regular basis. I went on trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean and was golfing a couple of times a week. All that and I was managing to grow my new business so fast that I needed to ask a friend to help service my routes."

Mike called upon his neighbor Roberta, a registered nurse for moe than thirty years. "I was glad Mike asked me to help with his new venture, as the income it provided allowed me to reduce my heavy nursing workload. I couldn't believe the money I collected for the small amount of time I spent on just one of Mike's routes! Eventually I started one of my own. Then both of us were in the business and kissing our old hectic careers goodbye. Natural choice USA was unbelievable; I can't imagine what I'd be doing now if Mike hadn't asked for my help. I've sence retired from nursing... and to make a long story short, Mike and I recently combined our businesses when we were married. It's true! Even if it sounds like a fairy tale," Roberta exclaimed.

Now that Mike and Roberta are a team, their Natural Choice business continues to grow while they are living a life that they never dreamed of when they were slaves to their old careers. Today they spend much more time with their families, golf on a regular basis, and travel to exciting new places.

"It is the perfect business for both of us and I often joke about nearly tossing out that invitation years ago," says Mike. Roberta quickly adds, "What a difference Natural Choice USA has made for us. It opened up an entire new world! Through it we discovered a way to leave the long hours of our old careers behind and found each other in the process! I can't tell you how jealous our friends are of the lives we are leading. It's not just the money; it's also the time we have to do what we want! Our Natural Choice USA business is allowing us to live the real American Dream. I'd recommend Natural Choice USA to anyone looking for a better way to live!"

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