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This "New Perspective" is based on attending a Natural Choice presentation and speaking with Natural Choice president Dana Bashor for nearly two hours.

The Wrong Reason to Pass Up the Natural Choice USA Opportunity

On July 22, 1996, Natural Choice USA reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, following charges of misrepresenting, among other things, the potential earnings of proposed distributors. Without admitting any wrongdoing, the company agreed to pay $1 million in consumer redress.

For years, Antares has suffered with the millstone of this FTC consent decree around its neck. Newspapers and television stations reporting on upcoming presentations by Natural Choice have been quick to glom onto this historical piece of information, sometimes (but not always) overlooking the question of whether or not consumers should still beware of the risks associated with this business opportunity.

By no means am I ready to suggest that the FTC wasn't dead to rights in making this charge. If anything, I think it's unfortunate that, as a matter of expediency, the FTC enters into agreements like this which allow the business involved to state that they did not admit to any wrongdoing.

But there's no reason to treat such a settlement agreement as proof that the company is still doing the same thing that got it in trouble to begin with. If anything, it would be reasonable to expect that the company would have stopped doing the things that landed them in hot water with the FTC.

Suspending My Disbelief

The premise behind the concerns about Natural Choice expressed on this web site are primarily that the opportunity as stated in the invitation is grossly exaggerated; that any business willing to make such extreme exaggerations about their business opportunity is not to be trusted.

The premise behind my attending the Natural Choice presentation was that the presentation would somehow correct the impression created by the direct mail invitation.

In other words, for my attendance at the presentation to have its desired effect, I would have to come away from the presentation with the impression that Natural Choice was not trying to convince everybody in attendance that they should seek to become Natural Choice distributors, and that it wasn't the fantastic opportunity described in the invitation.

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