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This is an HTML representation of a document distributed by Antares Corporation.

Quality Assurance

If you follow the Natural Choice Business Plan
what assurance is there that you will be successful and satisfied?
Perhaps the best assurance is to look at how few distributors
claim to be "dissatisfied".

Antares Corporation warrants that out of the last 5,000
distributors it has placed in business, only 1% (one percent)
have ever written the company, or any agency, requesting a
In other words, for every 1,000 distributors, Antares averages
less than 10 complaints*.

The data appearing in this Performance Report reflects the experience of the last 5000 distributors placed in business by Antares Corporation through December 31, 2001, and reflects all written complaints received by Antares from any source in which a refund was requested, relating to such 5000 distributors, prior to December 31, 2001. This data reflects the customer's primary complaint.

What are the complaints?

2 distributors out of 1,000 said the company misrepresented the quality of the equipment.

Recommended Solution

Refreshment Centers are designed to be located in secure, indoor locations. If you place your equipment outdoors, or in, e.g. college dormitories, you will not be satisfied with the quality of the machines.

1 distributor out of 1,000 has the misconception that Antares awards exclusive territories.

Recommended Solution

Exclusive territories are not in a distributor's best interest, and have never been offered by Antares.

7 distributors out of 1,000 are dissatisfied with some aspect of profit potential and/or placement services.

Recommended Solution

Distributors may need to relocate some of their machines - simply do a repeat mailing. Extra mailing labels are supplied free of charge. Plan to invest $90 in postage per Refreshment Center to properly locate the machines and practice self-promotion.

Antares Corporation has a general policy of not settling complaints from individuals who do not follow the company's time-proven business plan and their coach's advice.

Today, Dun & Bradstreet describes Antares as "demonstrating a strong financial condition, supported by a favorable liquidity and a SATISFACTORY ratio of debt to equity."

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