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Here's the disclaimer included at the bottom of the "Sales & Operations Comparison Report" that shows average per-machine revenue for small vending machine operators:

These figures are general industry-wide statististics for large and small-vending machine companies. Antares' machines are usually smaller than the average machines used by many of the large companies in the vending industry and may be placed at locations with fewer employees. THEREFORE, THERE IS NO ASSURANCE YOU WILL DO AS WELL AS THESE INDUSTRY-WIDE STATISTICS INDICATE. DO NOT RELY ON THESE FIGURES UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THE RISK OF NOT DOING AS WELL.

The above data from the Arthur Andersen & Co. studies and the Automatic Merchandiser Industry Report are provided for your information and were published in 1995 by persons not affiliated in any way with Antares Corporation. Antares Corporation makes no representation or claim

  1. that the information is true and correct
  2. that the operations of a purchaser of Antares Corporation Seller Assisted Marketing Plan will produce sales figures in any way related to the data contained in the excerpts, or
  3. that Antares Corporation Seller Assisted Marketing Plan provides income or earnings potential of any kind [emphasis added]

Copyright Antares Corporation 1996

B-315-3 PD 03/02 RD 2/99
WA REG. No. BO-245
SC S.S. REG. NO. 504
FL AIN #95-067

There are disclaimers and then there are disclaimers.

A disclaimer that you won't do as well as everybody on the video may be reasonable... but this disclaimer goes well beyond that.

In any lawsuit against Antares asserting misrepresentation of earnings potential, they can raise this as a defense. No matter that the distributor is not making more money than he can dream of, isn't even making $10,000 a year, or isn't making any money at all... because right here, they tell the world for everyone to see that Natural Choice USA provides no earnings potential of any kind. How could they make things any clearer than that?

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