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Here's testimonial number 1, sent on 9/28/2001 from somebody apparently located in Grants Pass, Oregon:

I've only been with them a short time and they have not done me wrong yet. They have directed me in placement of my machines counseled me on removeing machines when they are not doing well, help me in relocateing them.

If a person is that dumb to go in to any such bussiness with closed eyes then it's there own fault not the seller. Some of your statements are a bit out of line and maybe you should rethink your propaganda, for it sounds like all you have time to do is attempt to discredit some ones livelyhood. Now that's Un American..

(The above is verbatim except for the insertion of a paragraph break, so don't blame me for the grammatical errors and misspellings.)

We exchanged a couple of more emails. I must have made some statements that really irritated him, since the last message I received from him closed with the following threat:

You just don't step on some one elses life with out regrets, Look at Bin Ladin. See ya

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