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This disclosure notice accompanies the "Inside Look" video provided to prospective distributors of the Natural Choice USA program.
The vending operators interviewed in this video have received equipment from the "Natural Choice U.S.A." Program in order to compensate them for their time.

Antares makes no warranty, representation or guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results achieved by the vending operators in this video or that the results achieved by these operators reflect the average results achieved by all other Antares Corporation and Natural Choice U.S.A. vending operators. Some of the vending opeators appearing in this video may have expanded their vending business to include equipment not marketed by Antares or under the "Natural Choice U.S.A." Program. Some of the vendors appearing in this video purchased equipment initially presented through the Orion Natural Choice U.S.A. Program and have subsequently obtained Antares' equipment as well. Some of the vendors appearing in this video and those vendors appearing as guest speakers at Antares' presentations, may have income from multiple sourceds.

Antares wishes to thank all the vending opeators who contributed in the making of this video. Antares extends a special thanks to Chuck and Florine Cole. The Coles started their vending company with only 10 compact factory direct machines and now they operate over 500 assorted machines from several manufacturers. These include: 340 compact vendors with both mechanical and electronic operation, 135 full size commercial vendors, and over 225 assorted coffee machines. The revenue and results achieved by the Coles are greatly impacted by the fact that the Coles own many machines other than their original equippment purchased through the "Natural Choice U.S.A." Program.

As part of Antares' Distributor Support Departmenet we actively advise operators in the selection of full size commercial equipment and coffee machines. Antares receives no compensation from the manufacturers of this specialized equipment and this consulting service is included with the purchase of Antares' marketing plan.

B-355-5 RD 4/97 PD 4/97

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