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Neighbordhood Periodical Club aka NPC aka N.P.C. of Mid-America, Inc.
aka Neighborhood Periodical Club of Midwest aka NPC Corporation of the Midwest
aka Consolidated Readers Institute aka Consumers Periodical Service
aka Mountain Top Periodical aka National Media Inc aka Neighborhood Periodical Calub [sic] aka New Trend Marketing
aka North America Readers Service aka Premiere Publications aka Premium Marketing Systems aka Q and M Readers Services

We don't really know much about this subscription sales organization, other than the fact that we assume it's not really a "club" in the usual sense of the word, any more than American Express cardholders are members of a "members" of a club, nor would it be particularly likely that you would meet and greet the folks who operate its various offices as your "neighbors".

From their "about" page, we've learned that they offer the following types of subscription services:

"Paid during service" has a long history... it's really a pre-WWII sort of mentality... credit was far less commonly used for ordinary purchases, but getting people to sense a purchase as involving "easy" payments was still important.

So "paid during service" has a history that's one of providing service to an underserved community, those for whom paying for a subscription was too big a committment. But today, it takes advantage of the poor, and it's largely the realm of bottom feeders in the industry.

Charges to consumers are comparable to newsstand prices, it's typically marketing by outbound telemarketers who employ deceptive practices and who claim that such subscriptios can't be canreled. Most likely, this is not characteristic of Neighborhood Periodical Club. But this option is still a poor value for consumers.

contact information

field offices

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