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One industry in which Utah clearly leads the nation is in the number of multi-level marketing companies (aka “network marketing,” or the widely accepted acronym “MLM”), according to Dr. Jon Taylor, president of not-for-profit Consumer Awareness Institute. Based on extensive research and objective criteria, Taylor claims, Utah has by far the highest density of MLM companies - at least 17 MLM firms in a population of over 2.3 million people, or one for every 135,000 people - a ratio more than double that of any other state.

For well-researched reports on the MLM/network marketing industry, go to, where you will find research and consumer guides regarding MLM/network marketing prepared over a period of ten years by Dr. Taylor, with the assistance of other top experts in the field. Opinions in publications and on web sites vary widely on the legitimacy of network marketing. What is different about this site is that you will find objective research upon which to base analyses of MLM compensation plans and how they relate to success and loss rates, legality, etc. In other words, you will have a basis for deciding whether or not to participate in a particular MLM - or any MLM - or to seek an alternate income source.

Questions that will be answered on the site include:

To answer these questions, Taylor obtained feedback from hundreds of tax professionals who prepare the tax returns of MLM and non-MLM clients, court records in legal actions against MLM companies, public financial disclosures required for listed MLM companies, and disclosures required by the FTC and state regulators. He obtained payoff ratios of gambling casinos in Las Vegas and compared these with the odds of profiting from MLM as well a from no-product pyramid schemes.

Prior to his retirement this year, Taylor also interviewed and obtained feedback from thousands of current and past distributors from hundreds of MLM companies, interviewed top experts and regulators who are active in curbing pyramid scheme abuse, surveyed MLM company presidents, surveyed consumers who have been approached by MLM recruiters, and gained first-hand experience with a variety of MLM programs.

Some of the more interesting features posted on this site include:

Again, to tap into valuable research reports and consumer guides related to MLM/network marketing, go to

Questions? Contact Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D.
President, Consumer Awareness Institute, and Director, Pyramid Scheme Alert
E-mail: user jonmtaylor at domain

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