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How's this for a deal?

You enter in your order on their web site at ...

Those items show up in your "shopping cart" along with the coupons you entered along the way.

At arbitrary times, it will delete all the coupons that are included in your shopping cart? This could be an innocent bug, but it's curious that it doesn't also forget the items you ordered.

Good job, Office Depot. NOT.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg...

I'm sure their web site works perfectly well if you don't present it with anything particularly interesting in your order, such as promotions.

But when you select promotional items and/or enter promotion codes, and their system determines that your order doesn't comply with the requirements of the offer, the explanation that's provided is often not specific enough to know what the problem is.

This problem is exacerbated because promotion codes are sometimes automagically entered by the web site itself... which would be fine if everything worked okay. But when the explanation fails to explain, if you didn't enter the code yourself, you may not have any idea what product the code relates to.

Problem 3:

On my order, I had entered a coupon for so many dollars off a certain size order, as well as coupons for free items. Their system is smart enough to figure out that the free items don't count towards the order size.

However, it may reject "free" coupons depending on the order it processes the coupons. It complains that the amount of the coupon exceeds the price of the product.

So if you had a coupon for a free $5 item, the amount of the "dollars off" coupon gets allocated to the "free" item. Now the $5 item is only a $4.50 item, but the "free" coupon is for $5 off, so it rejects it.

If you figure this out, you can put the coupons in the order such that the "free" coupon is processed before the "dollars off" coupon and it will accept it.

When I called customer service to ask for an explanation of the error, the CSR explained that the code which had been entered automatically was only available for in-store purchases. Oh right!

Problems 4 and 5:

After your order is accepted and it's time to provide customer information, it requests a business name.

Of course, I can put anything I want for the business name, but I'm beginning to feel like I must have missed some instructions to the effect that the delivery service is intended for businesses only, since there's no option to check "this is a residence", since the business name is a "required" field.

It turns out the service is not restricted to businesses, but making the business name a required field is just the way the system is.

Finally, after I've got the order into the system and have a confirmation, I display the order, and it shows as "ok to change". I want to change the delivery date. Only problem is that there's nothing to click on to actually change the order. It's a home run for Office Depot!

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