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Pacific Coast Clearing Services Inc
aka Classic Sales aka Creator Sales aka Elite Sales aka Explorer Sales Inc aka Family Reading Program aka Imperial Sales aka Infinite Enterprises Inc aka Island Sales aka Jaguar Sales aka K T S Inc aka Liberator Sales Inc aka Magazine Rewards aka North American Clearing Corporation aka North American Subscription Services aka Northwest Clearing Corporation aka NCS aka Pacific Northwest Clearing Corporation aka Pacific NW Clearing Corp aka Pacific Sales aka Platinum Sales aka Prince Sales Inc aka Road Runner Sales aka Roadrunner Sales aka Signature Sales Inc aka South Pacific Sales aka Starfleet Subscription Services Inc aka Storm Enterprises aka Success Express Sales Inc aka Superior Sales aka Super Star Sales Inc aka Superstar Sales Inc aka Superstars Sales Inc aka Tnt Sales aka Tornado Sales aka Travel USA aka Universal Sales aka Unlimited Sales aka Untouchable Sales

5775 Soundview Dr Ste C104, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
5775 Sound View Suite 103C, Gig Harbor, WA 98335 (Jaguar Sales)
2907 Harborview Dr D200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
phone: 253-851-8414 (area code changed from 206-851-8414)
phone: 253-851-8418 (area code changed from 206-851-8418)
phone: 253-851-8586 (Ken Fryk) (area code changed to 253)
phone: 702-210-1174
phone: 877-652-6247
phone: 800-596-0996 (Jaguar Sales interview line)
fax: 253-851-8415 (area code changed from 206-851-8415)
email: user skowalskijps2 at domain (Jaguar Sales)
principal: David Sibiski (President, Jaguar Sales)

In the past, Pacific Coast Clearing Services has handled magazine orders for Fidelity Reader Service web search for Fidelity Reader Service but is no longer affiliated with them.

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