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Office of the Attorney General
Press Release

Consumer Protection Unit
123 Capitol Building
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002
307-777-7874 / 800-438-5799 Telephone
307-777-7956 Fax

Attorney General Hoke MacMillan
Deputy Attorney General Rowena Heckert
Chief Deputy Attorney General Vicci Colgan

Contact: Christopher Petrie 307-777-5838
Actuality Statement 307-777-5135

October 11, 2001

Attorney General MacMillan Secures Refunds for Magazine Subscribers

The Consumer Protection Unit of the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office recently completed an investigation of door-to-door magazine sales by Unlimited Sales, Inc., a Nevada corporation. The investigation resulted in over $1,200 in refunds to Cheyenne residents.

In late August it was reported to the Attorney General’s Office that door-to-door solicitors selling magazine subscriptions in Cheyenne were making false claims that subscription purchases would benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne. The initial investigation revealed that the solicitors were associated with Unlimited Sales, Inc. Upon discovering that Unlimited had not complied with City of Cheyenne permitting requirements, the Cheyenne Police Department contacted the company, which paid the licensing fee. The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit proceeded to contact Unlimited’s customers to determine whether they had been mislead.

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed that at least one of Unlimited’s representatives had made false claims that magazine purchases would benefit the Boys and Girls Club. Pacific Coast Clearing Services, a Gig Harbor, Washington, company that handles subscription processing and customer service for Unlimited Sales, Inc., agreed to cooperate with the investigation and to provide refunds to consumers.

“We contacted several dozen Cheyenne residents about their purchases from Unlimited Sales, and twenty-one requested refunds. Over $1,200 in refunds were processed by Pacific Coast Clearing Services,” explained John Lang, Consumer Protection Investigator for the Attorney General’s Office. “We were pleased with the quick action of the Cheyenne Police Department and the cooperation of the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne. This type of misrepresentation can deprive legitimate charities of the public’s good will in addition to enticing people into making purchases that they wouldn’t otherwise make, so it is important that action is taken to stop and prevent it.”

Unlimited Sales, Inc. has agreed to the terms of an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance which calls for the company to notify the Attorney General of their future activities in Wyoming, to provide identifying information for all of Unlimited’s solicitors operating in Wyoming to the Attorney General, and to obtain all permits required by local laws before conducting door-to-door sales campaigns. Unlimited also agreed to pay $1,000 in lieu of civil penalties in the event of future violations and to reimburse the Attorney General for a portion of the cost of the investigation. Neither company admitted any violation of law.

“When dealing with door-to-door solicitors, emotional appeals and claims that your purchase will benefit local charities should be cautiously considered. Claims that purchases will help win a scholarship or other awards for the solicitor are often false, as are claims that purchases will benefit local organizations. Ask for written information to confirm such claims, and check with any local charity that is supposed to benefit to be sure that if you buy, your decision is based on facts and not misrepresentations,” advised Lang.

Under Wyoming Law, consumers who purchase over $25.00 in merchandise from door-todoor, or home sales solicitors, are allowed three days to cancel the transaction. Consumers having information about suspicious door-to-door solicitors should contact local law enforcement or the Wyoming Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit at 307-777-7874 or 800-438-5799.

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