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Since 1987, Antares Corporation has been marketing the "Natural Choice USA" vending machine business opportunity, touting it as "one of the most amazing business opportunities in America today."

In late 2006, they rebranded their business opportunity as "Planet Antares" and officially changed the corporate name from "Antares Corporation" to "Planet Antares Inc.", and in solicitations, referred to their sales presentation as a "Financial Freedom Seminar". What remains the same, however, is the operation of their business opportunity.

Essentially, the "Planet Antares" business opportunity is identical to that described at Natural Choice web search for Natural Choice. There are new web sites and marketing materials to promote the business opportunity. Those using the "Planet Antares" and "Financial Freedom" names will be tracked on this page.

Antares Owned/Controlled Web Sites

See also Planet Antares Associated Web Sites web search for Planet Antares Associated Web Sites.

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