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The Prepaid Visa Acclaim Card is not a credit card, but a Visa-branded card that you can load with a cash value. According to the web site, it's "the ONLY card you'll ever need."

Here are the fees charged for services, after you've obtained your card:

Card to Card Reload $1.00
Bank Account to Card Reload $1.00
Direct Deposit Reload $1.00
Purchase at Merchant $0.50
Purchase Online $0.50
Telephone Purchase $0.50
ATM Withdrawal $1.50
Point of Sale Withdrawal $0.00
Live Teller Withdrawal $1.50
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
Online Balance Inquiry $0.10
Automated Telephone Inquiry $0.50
Customer Service Live Call $3.00
Automated Telephone Service $0.50
Online Customer Service $0.10
Paper Statements (Special Request) $5.00 (each)
Replace Card $5.00
Cancel Card $5.00
Re-Activate Card $5.00
Inactive Account per month $5.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee (Hologram Debit Card) $3.95
Monthly Maintenance Fee (ATM Card) $2.95

Keep in mind that, for the privilege of being subjected to these charges, you have to pay something like $159.

This card can be used in many ways, but there will usually need to be transactions that deposit value to the card and transactions that withdraw value from the card. Most people would probably have at least 1 deposit and 2 withdrawals a month, or $4.00. In case you don't have any such activity, then there's an inactive account fee of $5.00. All of this seems somewhat reasonable, assuming you had gotten the card for free.

But then there's that "monthly maintenance fee" for the debit card and/or ATM card. This basically amounts to an annual fee on top of the fee to obtain the card. Someone has to be in some pretty unusual circumstances for this to make sense. Perhaps it would be good for someone in the money laundering business. :-)

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