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The latest explanation to be included in spam messages is a disclaimer that the company that owns or operates the product or service promoted in the spam is not responsible in any way for the spam.

I'm sure I've received numerous such spam, but just recently started to notice it. The latest one was an offer for a sample of Bounce fabric softener by (Warning! Warning! If you click on the preceding link, you will get popups from and ). The link to the offer is at

In essence, the spammer is asking that you not complain to the company that is paying them to spam you. If you comply, the sponsor will happily let this arrangement continue, but if you want to stop this sort of spam, contacting the sponsor is exactly what you must do.

Remember, Procter and Gamble is paying these spammers to send you spam. Procter and Gamble may not be explicitly endorsing this activity, but if you don't let Procter and Gamble know you're upset, they're going to continue to pay spammers to send you spam. The best thing people can do to stop spam is to follow the principle not to buy from companies that send spam or otherwise profit from spam.

results of whois lookup
domain owner Lori Anderson
FAX: 212-630-0210
152 west 36th St Suite 401
New York, NY 10018 Tozman, Michael (MT12307)mike@CLICKEFFECT.COM
ClickEffect Inc.
72 Fraser Ave. Suite 122
Toronto, Ontario M6K-3E3
416-536-2452 416-536-8532 Barbara Becker:
847-205-9320, LLC
Ampere Media LLC
3400 Dunee Rd. Suite 236
Northbrook, IL 60062  

Procter and Gamble customer service numbers and web sites:

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