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OK, I got this email from one of the Permission Based Mailers web search for Permission Based Mailers.

The ad was for "Disney's Wonderful World of Reading" which is evidently operated by Scholastic (publishing???). The ad included the following message, obfuscated from spam-filtering programs by being in the form of an image:

If you do not wish to receive any more special offers from Scholastic via e-mail, please click here or contact Scholastic at:
Scholastic, 2931 East McCarty Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101

Below this was some additional image-obfuscated text:
You have received this advertisement because you havea registered with (Publisher List Name Entered Here). If you believe this e-mail message was sent in error or if you would like to sotp receiving e-mail advertisements from (Publisher List Name Entered Here), follow the opt-out instructions below. The opt-out instructions and a functioning link, as well as the physical address, should follow.

For what it's worth, clicking on this second message takes one to which has a heading titled "Merchants Against SPAM - CHARTER MEMBER"... and in the text, it mentions "Fosina Marketing Group". In point of fact, the page it designed to let the link specify exactly what "marketing group" is to be identified. How bogus!

Some of these "permission-based mailers" are not operating legitimately ... yet legitimate businesses continue to patronize them. Isn't it time to tell the legitimate companies just STOP IT!

If you are a recipient of such advertising, and you can ascertain that a legitimate advertiser is involved (don't be confused... those offers of gift cards from Target or other retailers are rarely ads by the retailer), make it a point to contact the company headquarters, get to the executive offices, and CHEW THEM OUT!

If enough of us do this, they will get the message and we will stop seeing legitimate businesses continue to support spam.


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