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On the Publishers Clearing House web site, at Publishers Clearing House puts forth their denial:
These days we're all concerned about SPAM, and Publishers Clearing House respects our users privacy and does not send unsolicited emails or SPAM. Unfortunately, we are hearing from our users that aggressive spam filters are blocking legitimate emails -- email you really want like entry opportunities.

To be sure, I have no knowledge that Publishers Clearing House sends spam from its own mail servers. Instead, they spam through third parties. I don't know the details of their arrangements with these third parties, whether they're paying specifically to send out emails or whether they're paying based on responses, but Publishers Clearing House is benefiting from this spam and isn't doing anyting to stop it.

Here's how you can help Publishers Clearing House live up to its claim that they don't send spam:

  1. Don't order anything from Publishers Clearing House. Call them at 800-645-9242 or 800-476-4724 to let them know why you're not ordering anything from them.
  2. If you have a subscription ordered through Publishers Clearing House, call them at 800-645-9242 or 800-476-4724 to cancel the order.
  3. If you're a subscriber to any magazine that can be ordered through Publishers Clearing House, call the magazine's customer service number, and ask them to confirm that Publishers Clearing House is an authoritzed subscription agent, and if so, ask them how come they're allowing a spammer to retain that status.

It will only take a few calls from magazine publishers that they've lost the right to sell their magazine, for Publishers Clearing House to realize that spamming isn't good for business.

Make sure Publishers Clearing House knows that spamming isn't good for business!

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