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You shouldn't use your DirectBuy visitor pass unless you're sure you're ready to spend several thousand dollars on a DirectBuy membership. Otherwise, if you attend the DirectBuy presentation but don't become a member, you'll lose the opportunity to join DirectBuy for several years or maybe forever!

Should you use your DirectBuy visitor pass to listen to their sales presentation?

Of course, you won't attend if you don't think DirectBuy is going to save you money.

But if you're thinking about joining, don't attend the sales presentation either, until you can eliminate any doubts about joining. Otherwise, you're likely to find yourself in the position that you have to make a decision one way or the other, before you have the opportunity to satisfy yourself which is the right decision.

If right now you decide not to attend, you can always change your mind and attend later. But if you do attend and then join, you can't undo that decision later. That's a really good reason not to attend the DirectBuy sales presentation.

You shouldn't use your DirectBuy visitor pass unless you own your residence.

If you're renting, it's unlikely you'll be spending enough money on the sort of things that DirectBuy purports to be best at saving money on to make the membership pay off for you.

You shouldn't use your DirectBuy visitor pass if you want to learn what DirectBuy promises to do for you.

The DirectBuy presentation is an oral representation that's not part of the contract. Under the terms of the agreement, such representations are of no force or effect. In other words, if you attend the DirectBuy presentation and decide to buy a membership, DirectBuy has no obligation to do anything they told you at the presentation. Huh?

You shouldn't use your DirectBuy visitor pass if you believe they will let you cancel within 3 days.

DirectBuy's corporate office maintains that all customers have an option to cancel their purchase of a DirectBuy membership within 3 business days, but there are multiple instances where people were told that they could not cancel their membership, even though the request was within 3 days of having purchased it.

According to this story from Consumer Reports Money Adviser, a DirectBuy representative claimed that the ability to cancel within 3 days depended on state law.

You shouldn't use your DirectBuy visitor pass if you want to have an open discussion about DirectBuy.

According to a newspaper article at, DirectBuy does not allow questions to be asked during the Open House presentation. Questions are only allowed to be asked individually, rather than in the presence of other persons attending with the visitor pass. Presumably, the video presentations should answer all of your concerns.

You shouldn't use your DirectBuy visitor pass if you're expecting to be able to get honest answers at the Open House.

In the same article mentioned above, the reporter asked if there were any downsides to DirectBuy membership. There are clearly various disadvantages, such as the requirement to pay a membership fee. Yet according to the reporter, the DirectBuy representative answered that there were no disadvantages to DirectBuy membership.

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