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I received a peculiar pre-recorded call that tersely stated the call was being placed by [unintelligible] on behlaf of a non-profit organization, and I could call them at 412-765-0243.

So I called 412-765-0243. This time I got another prerecorded message that stated:

We contacted you on behalf of a non-profit organization to solicit a charitable donation.

They went on to explain that they weren't required to honor the National Do Not Call List, but that they would take me off the list (add me to the list?) if I called them at 800-477-4706. I did.

What's the scam here? The whole sequence seems designed to discourage you from opting out. The first call is very short, there's no option to repeat the phone number, it's really a stupid call.

The second call provides some explanation. You don't get removed until you place the third call. They could have provided the "opt-out" option on the first call, but that would make it too easy.

So it seems that they want to be able to claim that they gave you the option to opt-out, but make it unlikely that many people will do so.

As far as I know, there aren't any regulations that would encourage such a procedure. Perhaps they are trying to avoid wasting their time by calling people who are more determined not to be solicited. Or perhaps they're trying to address the objection that people on the National Do Not Call list may raise that they shouldn't be called, by people who don't realize that charitable solicitations are exempt from the National Do Not Call list. Beats me.

Give them a call... you can find their contact information here:

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