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The Ripoff Report web site describes itself as a place to "enter complaints about companies ... who are ripping people off."

Over a period of several years, dozens of reports have been filed about DirectBuy. These were primarily complaints by consumers about DirectBuy.

Most of these reports are now prefaced with an explanation that DirectBuy is "a safe business service" that is "committed to 100% member satisfaction."

Following these claims is an approximately 4,000 word explanation of how the Ripoff Report reached these conclusions, which largely attempts to dismiss the validity of the complaints previously posted, while at the same time acknowledging that DirectBuy has not changed some of the policies that account for many of the complaints.

However, Ripoff Report has abided by its promise not to remove old posts; for those who can work their way through all of these rationalizations, the original complaints are found following all the text, but it does sort of feel hard to hear the complaints for all the shouting. Reading these pages on Ripoff Report makes me feel like I'm at a timeshare presentation.

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