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The Safeway supermarket chains (which include Vons, Randalls, Genuardi's and Dominick's) have posted signs throughout the store about a "Heart Health Brochure" that's supposedly available in the store.

Based on a survey of 4 Safeway stores in the San Francisco area, it appears that the brochures have yet to be distributed. At least, at these 4 stores, the brochures were nowhere to be seen.

The promotion is co-sponsored by CSC Brands (whose porfolio of brands includes such well-recognized names as Campbell's, Swanson, V8, Prego, Pace, and Pepperidge Farm), Sara Lee, and StarKist. The brochure is supposed to include information on improving diet to manage one's risk of heart disease as well as $18 in coupons.

According to the signs, which are attached to the shelf and attached to doors in the refrigerator/freezer section, the brochures are "located at Heart Health product displays throughout the store." In fact, the signs are located exactly where they say the brochures will be, i.e. at products that are participating in this promotion.

I would have asked an employee or a manager, but it's pretty obvious that Safeway's personnel (including managers) are just automatons. They're not supposed to think for themselves, they just blindly follow the stupid directions that Safeway headquarters sends out to them, except for when they're arbitrarily ignoring the company-wide policies.


I asked the pharmacist at one of these Safeways, and she managed to dig one up, supposedly the last copy available. But a few days later, there was a free-standing display which had the brochures.

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