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Strictly speaking, I'm not talking about people who defend spam or who claim the right to spam, but people who complain about other people who report spammers, and the services that use that information to block the spammers.

Of course, these people claim they're not spamming, and I'm sure there are some situations where this is the case. There's no question that some collateral damage is going on, but email will not remain viable for any legitimate purpose if spam continues unabated.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to filter spam, and in many cases, that means a community effort is required. This can be problematic because there may be malicious participants as well as legitimate disagreements and errors about what is spam. Such spam filtering systems can always be tweaked in hopes of improving the filtering results, but it seems unlikely that any such system will be perfect.

Bottom line, is that legitimate bulk mailers shouldn't be whining about problems with spam filtering services, they should be supporting them, because even with the collateral damage, without these spam filtering services, we would soon see a rapid decline in the number of people willing to share their email addresses with anybody but their closest friends.

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