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Analysis of fraudulent spam received 6/29/2003.

This page does not imply that Sagonet acted intentionally, maliciously, or negligently with respect to the indicated fraud, only that Sagonet provided network access to the parties involved.

Preliminary analysis:

  1. identity specified in message body: Dwight, a manager at Nationwide First
  2. sender address: user dwight at domain
  3. relayed by: ([])
  4. domain specified in message body:
  5. bestmortgage resolves to
  6. address specified in message body: (image bug)
  7. domain specified in linked web page:

Here are the charges:

  1. Go Daddy: allowing an unverified domain registration
  2. operating an open proxy
  3. allowing continued operation of an open proxy
  4. Sago Networks: allowing facilities to be used for fraudulent purposes
  5. Natonal Resource Center: accomplice
  6. FiberNet: allowing facilities to be used for fraudulent purposes
  7. Haninternet: facilitating fraudulent use of network by cloaking network address ownership

file attachment: action: size: date: who: comment:
 sago_linkedpage1.txt view update 82942 28 Jun 2003 - 22:42 EliMantel web search for EliMantel web page linked from message body
 sagonet_body.txt view update 2258 28 Jun 2003 - 22:02 EliMantel web search for EliMantel html source of message body
 sagonet_full.txt view update 2893 28 Jun 2003 - 21:17 EliMantel web search for EliMantel full text of message

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