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Westbury Sales aka Bob's Discount Warehouse aka Twin Cities Wholesale

address: 2626 N 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55411
phone: 612-529-4644
phone: 888-529-4644
phone: 612-605-1771 (cell)
phone: 612-529-0001 (per domain registration)
BBB listing:

Some of Bob Westbury's sites:

Anyway, Bob Westbury gave me a call a day or two after I submitted a complaint to the BBB that one of his clients, Mr Checkout web search for Mr Checkout, had spammed me.

Mr. Wesbtury claimed that he had sent out an email on behalf of Mr. Checkout, but that it was an opt-in list. Furthermore, this was a list he had collected himself, not something he bought from a third party.

He said that I had to have signed up at one of his sites, or else I had sent him an email. Yuck yuck yuck.

So he admits that he's spamming people who never asked to be spammed, just because they sent him an email. Such a high standard he sets for his business operations. :-)

But my guess is that although I never sent him an email, he received an email that had my return address. Now, Bob figures it's okay to spam a spammer, and if it somehow does some good to do that, I wouldn't object. The only problem is that, although millions of people have probably received spam that had my email address as the sender, Bob Westbury should know that this means nothing. Using somebody else's email address as the sender on spam is known as a "Joe job" and it's done very frequently. After all, they usually don't want to use their own return address, that would just generate a lot of extra traffic and complaints.

So Joe jobs are normal behavior for spammers, and anybody who's got any significant experience in managing email lists would be aware of this, and know better than to assume that the sender address included in a spam message has any connection to the person who actually sent the message. What a dolt!

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