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This page has nothing to do with the book titled "Ssh for Dummies". This is just a simple "how to" for using ssh on systems where it is already installed. Because of the numberous ssh implementations, as well as the many configuration options, it is unlikely it will work for you anyway. But it just might.

This is really just about setting up public keys for use with ssh... as well as scp and any other commands based on sshd.

The general idea behind public keys is that anybody who has the key can send a message to the key-owner; because the key owner has kep the private key private, only the key owner will be able to interpret the message.

For effective security, authentication mechanisms each party must verify the identity of the other party. Bottom line is that each party must have previously generated a public/private key pair and made the public key available to the other party.

Two distinct signature algorithms are available: DSA and RSA. The acceptable signature algorithms are dependent upon the configuration.


  1. generate some public/private key pairs on system "sysa":
  2. combine the public keys into a single file "sysa_pub":
  3. send that file over to system "sysb":
  4. on system "sysb", append sysa_pub to the file authorized_keys
  5. repeat steps 1 through 4, substituting "sysa" for "sysb" and vice versa

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