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Internet Stock Review Online, Monday 1/26/2004.

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Table Of Contents:

1. Circle Group Holdings (CRGQ) $6.55, in Science Online.

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(Internet & Biotech Stock Review)

Circle Group Holdings (CRGQ) $6.55, in Science Online.

A dated, but great article we saw that someone posted a link to on Raging Bull.

"If you want to replace fat in food, Inglett says, only three safe, no-calorie possibilities exist: water, air, and fiber. "You don't sell anybody air, you don't sell anybody water, but you can sell them Z-Trim."

Dr. George Inglett.

No-Cal Powder May Sub for Food's Fat

By Corinna Wu

A new, no-calorie fat substitute called Z-Trim may change the adage that whatever's good for you must taste bad. Z-Trim, a bland mix of insoluble fiber made from the crushed hulls of grains, can replace the fat and some of the carbohydrates in foods such as chocolates, brownies, cheese, and ground beef.

"It represents a new generation of fat replacers," says its inventor, George E. Inglett of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Biopolymer Research Unit in Peoria, Ill. Inglett unveiled Z-Trim on Aug. 26 at the American Chemical Society meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Most fat replacers based on carbohydrates add calories back to the food, Inglett says. One example is a fat substitute that Inglett himself developed 6 years ago, called Oatrim (SN: 5/26/90, p. 330). Made of a digestible fiber from oat flour, it provides 4 calories per gram--less than half the calories of fat but calories nonetheless. By contrast, Z-Trim passes through the body undigested.

Z-Trim also differs from the notorious, no-calorie fat substitute olestra, which can cause gastrointestinal distress and sweep vitamins and carotenoids out of the body (SN: 1/27/96, p. 61). The new substitute does not have those drawbacks, Inglett declares. He argues that to reduce their chances of developing intestinal disorders, people should actually eat more of the kind of insoluble fiber that makes up Z-Trim. Unlike olestra, however, Z-Trim cannot be used to fry foods.

"I wouldn't expect Z-Trim to have the same kinds of problems as olestra," says Margo Wootan, a senior scientist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, D.C. "Fiber is already found in our diet, while olestra is a synthetic chemical." Inglett spent 3 years perfecting a multistage processing technique to produce the smooth, palatable Z-Trim from the tough hulls of corn, oats, or rice. First, he crushed the hulls in a mill with a highly alkaline solution of hydrogen peroxide, shearing the plant cells apart. Spinning the mixture in a centrifuge washed away all the peroxide and other water soluble components.

After this treatment, the pieces were still too large, making the fiber coarse and gritty, Inglett says. But putting the material through the mill and centrifuge again made it smooth and able to absorb a lot of water. "That second whammy is what really does the job," he says. "It takes every cell and busts it to fragments."

The result is a fine, white cellulose powder that can be made into a gel by adding water. Different concentrations of the powder yield gels that vary from a pourable liquid to a soft solid, like mashed potatoes. He can also blend powders of the different grains to vary the gel's consistency.

There is concern that the "microbial stability" of foods containing Z-Trim hasn't been adequately tested. "Whenever you remove the lipid material and replace it with water," says Thomas H. Parliment, a flavor chemist for Kraft Foods in White Plains, N.Y., "microbes are able to grow, and you can get mold." That concern would have to be worked out before Z-Trim could be used in the food industry, Parliment says.

If you want to replace fat in food, Inglett says, only three safe, no-calorie possibilities exist: water, air, and fiber. "You don't sell anybody air, you don't sell anybody water, but you can sell them Z-Trim."


CRGQ: Forward-Looking Statements. Statements made in this news release that relate to future plans, events or performances are forward-looking statements. Any statement containing words such as "believes" "anticipates" "plans" or "expects" and other statements which are not historical facts contained in this release are forward-looking, and these statements involve risks and uncertainties and are based on current expectations. Consequently, actual results could differ materially from the expectations expressed in these forward-looking statements. Reference is made to the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a more complete discussion of such risks and uncertainties. CRGQ retained us for 200,000 shares.

Going Concern Statements. We would like to point out that the majority of companies listed on the OTC Bulletin Board have factors which create an uncertainty about the their ability to continue as a going concern. These concerns are typically related to financing (or lack of), competitive environments, lack of operating history and operating at loss levels which is typical of most start-ups. These statement can usually be found in their most recent 10Q filings and typically you don't have to dig to far down past the financial tables. We like to use for quick and easy access to SEC filings. We think it would be wise for most investors to assume that all companies listed on the OTC Bulletin Board (and many on NASDAQ) have going concern issues.
Disclaimer: Important Distinction #1. First and foremost the Watch List is just that. A watch list. It is not a buy list. Meaning that there will be no buys or sales issued by the Internet Stock Review. If this was a buy list, you can rest assured that we would crank up our Public Relations arm into high gear, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes to make everyone know just how brilliant we were when we issued the list. Interviews on CNBC, articles in Barron's and accolades in the Wall Street Journal--the only thing we love more than money is praise and fame--but it just isn't going to happen. What the Internet Stock Review a "news aggregation service". With the advent of the Internet, everyone knows what that term means. What it means to us is the following: We will follow the progress of as many Internet related publicly traded stocks as humanly possible (The large, the small and the minuscule) and advise you of when they have reported news. As a subscriber to the Internet Stock Review, this means you will be able to broadly follow the entire industry right from a single e-mail. We will report who released news and point (with hyper links) to where the news can be found. We try to use Yahoo! Finance as extensively as possible so we don't send you all over cyberspace. We love Yahoo, you will too. Any decisions as to buy or sell however, are strictly up to you.

Which leads to important distinction #2. How do we get paid? The Internet Stock Review is owned by a Public Relations firm (Internet PR Group, Inc) that specializes in getting (or creating) coverage for publicly traded companies. As such, is important to note that anytime we say anything about a company, it is because the company is a client of our parent company, or because we would like them to be a client of our parent company. In a nutshell, you can throw out any thoughts of us being even a little bit impartial. It just ain't gonna happen. We love everyone.

Final note is we that have over 20,000 subscribers so please excuse our dust. Internet PR Group, Inc is an independent research and investor-relations consulting firm that publishes investment-research reports such as The Internet Stock Review on independently selected companies. While it is its intent to identify and research companies that it believes might prove to be profitable investments, The Internet Stock Review is not liable for any investment decisions by its readers. Neither The Internet Stock Review nor any report published by Internet PR Group, Inc represent a solicitation to buy or sell the securities discussed within the report. It is strongly recommended that any purchase or sale decisions be discussed with a financial adviser or broker prior to completing any such purchase or sale decision.

The information contained herein is provided as an information service only and is based upon sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed by The Internet Stock Review. Past performance of previously featured companies does not guarantee the future success of any currently featured or mentioned company. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice, and The Internet Stock Review assumes no responsibility to update the information in this or any report published. Use of this or any report published by The Internet Stock Review may be subject to the applicable rules of certain self-regulatory organizations and the securities mentioned herein, which are traded Over The Counter, and may not be cleared for sale in certain states. The Internet Stock Review and/or its employees, officers, affiliates or members of their families may have long or short positions in any of the securities discussed in this or other reports published herein (and/or options or warrants relating thereto) and may purchase and or sell these securities, options or warrants from time to time in the open market or otherwise.

The Internet Stock Review may derive compensation through research services and subscriptions and/or investor-relations consulting from the companies featured or mentioned in its reports. Write or call The Internet Stock Review for disclosure details as required by Rule 17b as it relates to individual issues. Internet PR Group., In no event shall The Internet Stock Review report be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of this information. The Internet Stock Review shall be indemnified and held harmless from any actions, claims, proceedings or liabilities with respect to the information herein. The Internet Stock Review is not a securities broker-dealer, investment advisor or a securities exchange and is not registered as such with the Securities and Exchange commission nor any state securities regulation authority. Readers of this e-mail newsletter should recognize that the Internet Stock Review is only providing a delivery service to electronically transmit information to potential investors. In this respect, the Internet Stock Review is no different than the provider of any other delivery service such as the United States Post Office or any other express delivery service. Accordingly, investors should be aware that the Internet Stock Review has not evaluated nor investigated any of the companies listed in this e-mail to determine their merit or the risk of investment in any such company. The Internet does not endorse any company listed herein and the Internet Stock Review does not represent that the information contained in any offering documents states all material facts or does not omit a material fact necessary to make the statements therein not misleading.

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