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Company Report

IDI Global, Inc. (NASDAQ OTCBB: IDIB) Six Month Target Price: $10.43

52-Week Range $3.00 - $6.15      
Shares Outst. (fully diluted) 11.5 million      
Approx. Float 3.0 million      

A Few Reasons to Consider IDIB:
  • IDIB was founded in 1996, and in the last 3 fiscal years ending 12/31, has generated revenues of $3.6 Million, $5.4 Million, and last year $13.4 Million
  • IDIBís top-line growth rate over the past three years has averaged in excess of 100%
  • IDIB achieved profitability and went cash-flow positive in 2001
  • Gross margins are expanding, as IDIB is reducing significant out-sourcing marketing expenses, by bringing them in-house
  • IDIBís web-hosting services are provided through long-term contracts, payable monthly, providing IDIB with a consistent stream of recurring revenue
  • The domestic small to medium sized corporate direct marketing industry is estimated at $23 Billion. A one-percent market share translates into $230 Million in revenues, with margins in excess of 50%
  • Internationally, the direct sales industry is estimated to be in excess of $80 Billion
  • The market size of the large corporate vertical markets, into which IDIB is now moving, comprised of hundreds of thousands of independent agents, such as insurance companies, financial institutions and real estate, is estimated in excess of $200 Billion
  • IDIBís penetration rate is aided through revenue-sharing contracts on a corporate level, providing the client corporation with an economic incentive to market the IDIBís web-hosting service aggressively throughout their organization
  • ARRAY has become the premier total Internet solution for the direct sales industry. ARRAY has been adopted by more than a dozen direct sales companies, including industry leaders such as Tupperware (NYSE:TUP) and many Amway Lines of Sponsorship, as well as Shasta Beverages
  • IDIB forecastís fiscal year 2002 revenues to exceed $20 Million, and once again to be profitable

    About IDI Global, Inc.
    Founded in 1996, IDIB is a leading provider of Internet ASP infrastructure technologies and services that implement comprehensive web-based business solutions. IDIB designs, develops and markets user-friendly, web-based software applications and development tools on an integrated service platform that allows both large organizations comprised of a substantial network of affiliates within specific vertical markets as well as small stand-alone businesses to exploit the full capabilities of the Internet as a communications, information management, marketing and e-commerce platform.

    IDIB is currently the leading provider of end-to-end web solutions that enable vertical organizations to deploy, integrate, interact with and centrally administer large networks of e-commerce enabled affiliated websites.

    Since its inception, IDIB has been a leader in developing applications that facilitate online commerce for businesses both large and small in the U.S. and internationally.

    QuickSite Builder
    In 1997, IDIB developed a revolutionary new product called QuickSite Builder. This was the first completely browser-based, point-and-click website builder technology on the Internet.

    QuickSite Builder, a highly sophisticated, robust, yet extremely easy-to-use software application and development toolkit, allows a user without any programming knowledge to build a highly functional, e-commerce enabled website in a matter of minutes. Through QuickSite Builder, small businesses have access to an application service platform every bit as sophisticated, functional and versatile as systems available to large enterprises, but at an affordable price point.

    ARRAY, a cutting edge, user-friendly, integrated suite of web applications and development tools, provides a customizable, database-driven virtual intranet/extranet and e-commerce solution for any large vertical enterprise with a sizable network of affiliates. The ARRAY product facilitates the migration of widely distributed organizations, including their network of relationships and business processes, onto the Internet. ARRAY does this by localizing e-commerce on the Internet, while allowing for centralized control by the parent organization over branding and image. ARRAY is built on a versatile, customizable application service platform onto which future web-based software applications, tools and content (both internally developed and from third-party developers) can be easily integrated.

    Valuation and Conclusion
    Every once in a while you come across a company whereby great wealth is created based on a simple concept. Ray Kroc, 40 years ago thought of selling hamburgers under Golden Arches, and what was born was Mcdonald's. Charles Lazarus, bought a company out of bankruptcy, changed the name, and concentrated on selling one product-Toys-, and so Toys R Us was born. The list continues to go on and on.

    IDIB is building a business based on a simple concept and growing quite rapidly. The multi-level marketing industry has been around for a long time, companies such as Amway, Nu Skin, and Tupperware have become household names, and some have found their way to the New York Stock Exchange.

    According to the company, IDIB has no direct competition, meaning they are first to market with their concept. The concept is rather simple; IDIB provides the entire backend infrastructure to their customer (ASP Model) in a branded way for their customer. For example, in the case of Tupperware, My.Tupperware was created for all Tupperware sales people to use as a personalized tool to generate more sales.

    In our opinion, there are 2 ways to value IDIB, one a multiple of sales, and two a percent of total market share. When looking at multiple of sales, according to Multex Investor, IDIB would be classified within the computer technology sector, the average company today trades in the marketplace at about 6 times sales. Based on 2002-year end sales projections of $20 Million Dollars, with 11.5 million shares outstanding, this would equate to a common stock price of $10.43 per share.

    According to the company, the domestic small to medium sized corporate direct marketing industry is estimated at $23 billion. A 1/2 of one-percent market share translates into $115 million in revenues, with 11.5 million shares outstanding, this would equate to a common stock price of $10.00 per share.

    ******* Important Notice and Disclaimer: Please Read *******

    Investor Insights (II) publishes reports providing information on selected companies that II believes has investment potential. II is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. This report is provided as an information service only, and the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. II accepts no liability for any loss arising from an investor's reliance on or use of this report. An investment in IDIB is considered to be highly speculative and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss of investment. II has been hired by a third party consultant, and is contracted to receive 50,000 free trading shares of common stock for the publication and circulation of this report. II intends to sell all or a portion of the of the IDIB stock at or about the time of publication of this report. Subsequently II may buy or sell shares of IDIB stock in the open market. This report contains forward-looking statements, which involve risks, and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. For further details concerning these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings of IDIB including the company's most recent annual and quarterly reports.

    Except at listed above, no contact information is available for the entity sending the abovementioned newsletter.

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