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Subject: New Profile! (symbol: BOCX) Watch This Stock Trade
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Biocurex, Inc. (OTCBB: BOCX)

6 Month Target Price: $1.26
Shares Outstanding 15 million
Approx. Float 12 million
6 Month Price Proj. $1.26

A Few Reasons to Own BOCX:
  1. BOCX has patented and proprietary technology that is leading the way in early cancer detection.
  2. BOCX is currently developing and commercializing cancer diagnostic products based upon their breakthrough RECAFTM cancer marker technology.
  3. A vaccine based on BOCX's proprietary RECAFTM technology that would protect against most types of cancer has a $2B market potential in U.S. alone.
  4. Radioisotope imaging of RECAFTM positive cancer cells can be obtained with standard hospital equipment. Projected as a $1B U.S. market share for BOCX.
  5. $ 2 Billion Dollar market targeted for BOCX's single serum test for the diagnosis of numerous types of cancer. To be launched under the name Serum-RECAFTM.
  6. $3 Billion Dollar market share is seen as realistic as BOCX joins the Antibody Therapy arena with very favorable results from preliminary studies based on BOCX's RECAFTM technology.
  7. BOCX targets growing market for minimizing or eliminating side effects of cancer chemotherapy, utilizing its RECAFTM antibodies for drug and radioisotope delivery.
  8. BOCX is seen as a prime-licensing candidate based on the multitude of clinical uses of BOCX's proprietary RECAF TMtechnology.
  9. BOCX has assembled a team of renowned individual scientists and experts under the direction of Dr. Phillip Gold, the most eminent investigator in the cancer marker field.
  10. Investigators at BOCX have demonstrated that leukemia can be diagnosed and monitored utilizing BOCX's RECAFTM staining technology. By cleansing patients' bone marrow of cancer cells, need for bone marrow transplants might be eliminated.
  11. BOCX's Histo-RECAFTM, a special cancer detection kit for tissues, has been cleared for sale by the FDA for U.S. markets, with an early projected market potential of $200 million.

BOCX is biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative healthcare solutions for the new millennium. The first of these groundbreaking new technologies is in the field of cancer diagnosis, tumor imaging, and treatment. The technology identifies a widespread cancer biomarker known as RECAFTM, which enables the potential for detection of the vast majority of malignant cancers from blood tests, tissue biopsies or other specimen types.

Put simply, RECAFTM is the only biomarker known to be present in most types of cancer cells and BOCX's patented technology is the only means to detect it. What's more, RECAFTM technology distinguishes cancer cells from normal cells and malignant tumors from benign tumors.

Research indicates RECAFTM is present in practically 100% of breast cancers and in approximately 90% of cancers overall. The technology may also be applied to pinpoint the exact location of a cancer in the body using imaging technology. It is anticipated that RECAFTM will replace certain other biomarkers that may only detect one type of cancer or are not sensitive or specific to a particular malignancy. Its widespread nature indicates that RECAFTM technology may be applied to cancers for which there are no other effective markers - particularly breast and lung cancers, which together represent one third of all cancers.

In addition to the USA, BOCX has patents pending for RECAFTM in more than 20 countries and has already received patents in Australia and Russia.

  Investment Opportunity


In North America, there are over 8 million cancer patients and approximately 1 million new cases are reported each year. Over 1/3 of the population will develop cancer at some point during their life and over one-half million people die from cancer each year. The new incidences of cancer along with the maintenance of persons living with cancer will continue to increase the demand for cancer products. The present world market for cancer therapeutics is approximately US$12 billion per year. The National Cancer Institute estimates overall annual costs for cancer in the U.S. at US$104 billion with US$35 billion in direct medical costs and the remainder in productivity and mortality-related costs. Approximately 1/2 of the direct costs are related to the treatment of breast, lung and prostate cancers.


A novel widespread cancer marker named RECAFTM. Cancer markers' are molecules that appear on cancer cells but not on normal cells and finding new ones is one of the most important goals in cancer research (only half a dozen have been found in the past 40 years). PSA (prostate cancer) and CEA (colorectal cancer) are well known cancer markers. They can by used to detect (diagnose) and then specifically target cancer cells (therapy) -- offering the potential to provide treatment of cancer by delivering antibodies, drugs and radiation to the targeted cancerous cells.


Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer cells in tissue sections can be stained using an anti- RECAFTM antibody conjugated with a dye. This allows pathologists to diagnose cancer cells under the microscope in a more accurate and easier way than with conventional techniques
RECAFTM is released from cancer cells into the circulation and therefore, cancer of many different types can be diagnosed with a drop of serum. BOCX has presented results showing this application at the ISOBM Meeting in Boston 2002. A RECAFTM serum test can be used not only for diagnosis but also for follow up after treatment, thus multiplying the number of tests per patient. Variations of the assay might also allow testing on saliva or urine instead of serum. Since RECAFTM can be found in most types of cancer, it has application for screening of large populations rather than only patients suspected of having cancer.
Blood and leukemia: Leukemia can be diagnosed and more importantly monitored by staining blood cells for RECAFTM and then passing them through an instrument called Flow Cytometer, which measures the color of each individual cell. The theoretical limit for this technology is such that it can catch 1 cancer cell out of 100,000 to 1 million normal cells. Moreover, this leads to a form of treatment since the machine can also separate stained (malignant) cells from non-stained (normal) cells. Resilient leukemia requires a bone marrow transplant and it is difficult to find suitable donors. By cleansing the patient's bone marrow of cancer cells, he or she can receive his or her own bone marrow thus preventing any kind of incompatibility problems.
By targeting RECAFTM positive (cancerous) cells with radioisotopes an image of the cancer can be obtained with the equipment present in any hospital's nuclear medicine department. This is particularly interesting for detecting small in-situ breast cancers, where curability can reach 98%.

Cancer Therapy

Preliminary results have shown that animals injected with cancer cells and treated with antibodies against RECAFTM do not develop tumors, whereas control animals die of cancer within 3 weeks. An example of commercially available anti-cancer antibody is RITUXAN® and TRASTUZUMAB® manufactured by Genentech Inc.
Drug and radioisotope delivery: Antibodies against cancer cells can also be used to target cancer cells with chemotherapy, toxins or radiation. Since the antibody homes on cancer cells only, the usual side effects of chemotherapy can be minimized or averted altogether. Examples of this use are Zevalin® (IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation) and Bexxar® (Coriza Inc).
The ability of anti-RECAFTM antibodies to stop cancer growth even when not coupled to drugs suggests that the antibodies could be generated by vaccination with RECAFTM. Such a vaccine would protect against most types of cancer.



Its sister product, Cryo RECAFTM - for use for diagnosis on frozen sections while the patient is under anesthesia - is fully developed and awaiting further testing prior to FDA submission. BOCX is actively working on the serum test, which will be launched under the name Serum- RECAFTM.


Pathology $200M
Blood tests $2B
Imaging $1B
Antibody therapy $3B
RECAF Vaccine $2B


In our opinion, nothing can be more exiting than a Biotech Company. Biotech Company's by definition are R&D Company's trying to find cures for various human diseases.

Biotech Company's start off in stages, first identifying a disease, the market for it and developing the cure. These companies once they have gained an FDA approval for their product generally team with a large Pharmaceutical Company for either licensing rights or distribution. Whenever these small Biotech Company's gain an FDA approval for their product, the stock, if publicly traded generally ROCKETS in price.

In the case of BOCX, what we have here is company that has just about been left for dead by Wall Street, in our opinion, Under Followed and Overlooked.

BOCX has already gained an FDA approval for Histo-RECAFTM , with a projected market potential of $ 200 Million Dollars.

In fact, according to BOCX, they anticipate manufacturing for their products to begin within 90 days, and starting to generate Revenues and Profits within 180 days. Once revenues begin, BOCX is projecting first year or next years revenues to approximate $ 19 Million Dollars with 75% PROFIT MARGINS. The following year BOCX anticipates Revenues of $ 51 Million Dollars with 75% PROFIT MARGINS.

According to Multex, for those Biotech Company's that generate revenues and earnings on a price to sales ratio and price earnings ratio, Biotech's trade in the market at 8.81 times sales and 29.4 times earnings.

If over the next 6 months BOCX can demonstrate to Wall Street that they are for real, and can show through licensing and marketing agreements that $ 19 Million Dollars in revenues next year is realistic, then if BOCX were to trade in the market place at JUST 1 TIMES NEXT YEARS ANTICIPATED REVENUES (which represents a 90% DISCOUNT to its peers) based on the number of shares outstanding this would equate to STOCK PRICE OF $1.26 PER SHARE.

One never knows, BOCX could be one of Wall Streets best kept secrets, but maybe the cat is now coming out of the bag and the timing of this new Investor Awareness Campaign could be good timing in regards to new PR forthcoming to maybe Rocket the stock or maybe it is just another Investor Awareness Campaign.

One never knows, but keep a watchful eye on BOCX near term and as always Watch This Stock Trade.


On another note, there have been recent published reports that BOCX has been the victim of Short Selling. Investors generally short stocks for several reasons first among them is their belief that a stock is overvalued and ripe for a decline, and secondly the fundamentals make no sense and believe a stock should be worthless.

BOCX is currently trading at a new low, although our profiles can be construed as biased since we get paid to disseminate our clients information to the investing public. We never know why we get hired we just get hired. In our opinion, from past experience maybe BOCX has some positive developments occurring near term that BOCX wants to convey to the investing public, but either way with the history of Biotech Stocks in general, and published reports on Short Selling, in our opinion, this just might be a Short Squeeze In Motion.

******* Important Notice and Disclaimer: Please Read *******

Investor Insights, and affiliates (II), publishes reports providing information on selected companies that II believes has investment potential. II is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. This report is provided as an information service only, and the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. II accepts no liability for any loss arising from an investor's reliance on or use of this report. An investment in BOCX is considered to be highly speculative and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss of investment. An affiliate of II has been compensated three hundred twelve thousand five hundred free trading shares of common stock of BOCX and three hundred thousands options exercisable into BOCX at .20 cents per share by a third party for the publication and circulation of this report. II intends to sell all or a portion of the of the BOCX stock at or about the time of publication of this report. II intends to sell all or a portion of the of the BOCX stock at or about the time of publication of this report. Subsequently II may buy or sell shares of BOCX stock in the open market. This report contains forward-looking statements, which involve risks, and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. For further details concerning these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings of BOCX including the company's most recent annual and quarterly reports.

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