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This has been transcribed to html since the entire issue was presented as a series of images.

How the War on Terror and Focus on Homeland Security
Will Turn these Unknown Companies into Household Names.

And How Your Portfolio can Reap the Profits.

Dear Investor:

Our Last 12 picks gained between 50% to 300% within four weeks of the time that we featured these companies. Our members were able to buy APIEF at about $.70 and see it to [sic] go as high is [sic] $3.00 within two months. Hiw, went from a low of $.30 to $1.20 between February and March of this year. NNCO started its climb copule of weeks ago and has almost doubled and appears to be heading upward. AGLC went from low $.30 to almost $1.00 within a month. These and many others are some [sic] the companies that we have featured in the past that have performed well for our subscribers. We hope that this next feature will bring you more of the same...

Read on to Discover:

The War on Terror continues to rage. Whether in skirmishes in Afghanistan, orange alerts in the U.S., or fighting in Iraq, the battle against terrorism dominates the news.

This broad, new type of war didn't start this year, but on September 11, 2001. It gained official recognition with the creation of the office of Homeland Security.

While many effects of 9-11 are quite obvious, some are not. Few investors fully comprehend the ripple effects on the economy from terrorism on American soil. Even fewer realize that these events launched an entirely new industry, one that is not a quickly-passing phenomenon nor one that is limited to a few companies.

No, instead, the security industry has changed into one of the few genuine growth sectors of our economy - and not just for the short-term but for years to come.

The development of this industry reminds investment analysts like myself (who have been around long enough) of the early days of the tech boom. Long before Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, and Cisco were household names, they were small companies with grand ideas, innovative products, and a large but relatively unrecognized market waiting to consume their paradigm-shifting products and spur the technology boom of the 1990s.

Now with the catalyst provided by the 9/11 attacks and the national priority of homeland defense, the security industry is poised to explode into one of the fastest growing industries of this decade.

*A New Investing Climate

We divide this critical new indsutry into eight key areas:

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc.(OTCBB:UGHO) is such a company. UGHO has positioned itself to be a kay player in the Defense and Homeland Security markets. The Company's expertise products, and services includes harbor, port and coastal security, global container tracking and scanning, explosive and weapons systesm, as well as facility security to military, government, and commercial organizations worldwide.

UGHO is currently providing its products and services to the United States military to protect its most important assets around the world. UGHO is rapidly penetrating the expanding threat mitigation, anti-terrorism and critical infrastructure protection and has established itself a premier provider of anti-terrorism, threat analysis, and security solutions to the U.S. Navy.



Universal Guardian's Advanced Technologies Group develops surveillance, vulnerability assessment, detection, and response solutions for military and commercial clients. The Group's unique DC2 Integrated Command and Control system combines highly-intelligent software and a powerful computing architecture to deliver next-generation automated threat detection that is easy to use and readily upgradeable.

C2 technology is designed to secure a wide range of assets, including power plants, embassies, sporting venues and other high-profile high-value facilities. The Group's DC2-M mobile system provides temporary security and surveillance services worldwide.


The Harbour Group (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Guardian) provides proprietary integrated C2 Waterside Security Systems specifically designed to protect ships, docks, harbors, and waterways from a multitude of possible threats. In addition, the Group offers a comprehensive line of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles designed to augment and enhance the effectiveness of hull inspections, maintenance, and related missions. UG Harbour Group's Waterside Security System was selected by the U.S. Navy to protects its most critical ports, and is being installed around the world.


UG Special Weapons Group provides integrated and innovative tactical security solutions for law enforcement, military, and commercial applications.

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