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Congratulations to those investors savvy enough to have invested in APIEF on Dec 17 when it was trading at .52. It hit an intra-day high of $1.08 on Jan 30 for a percentage gain of over 100%! We have one now, VLDE, which may be every bit as good, possibly better.


**There are very strong rumors circulating that the Company may have very good news in the near future. And if so, we will report that news. We do not know what it is.

VLDE appears to be an excellent buy at these very deflated prices. Short term price expectation: $1.25. Long term: $3.10

In these days when investors are never sure how the geopolitical situation will affect their stock investments, one thing is certain: We need "Recession-proof" investments. We need investments that are likely to be much less affected by recessions, wars, and dips in the economy. BEAUTY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE! Valde Corp, OTC BB: VLDE is in the business of beauty! In 2001 the Hair Salon and Day Spa business took in an amazing total of $145 Billion! And that was during a recession. VLDE not only intends to cash in on the burgeoning enterprise of Hair Salons and Day Spas but will also feature a modeling agency. But they will do it in a much more simplified, cost-effective way. NO expensive $1,000 photo shoots. The VLDE business plan makes much sense to us. You MUST visit their website, if for no other reason than to see their most attractive models, and the product of the President's amazing talents: Company website:


VLDE is an excellent ground floor opportunity! Regis Corp, (Nasdaq: RGIS) a VLDE competitor recorded $2.3 Billion in sales last year and projects $3 Billion this year, and that's without Day Spas and a modeling agency. The time to give serious consideration to VLDE is now before the masses do!

Cross-over marketing opportunities:

1)      The company speaks about opening numerous hair salons/modeling agencies. Well just how could those two businesses benefit each other? Well, think about cross-marketing possibilities. What if the company were to have a model search and they conducted said search with a co-sponsor like say a TV or Radio station (or both). The Radio/TV stations would be providing free advertising for the event and the salon would benefit by getting name recognition, not to mention the "spill over" customers...meaning models, parents of models, friends of models that learn of the company's salon because the model decided to enter the contest. Girls, parents and friends end up becoming clients of the salon because the girl happened to enter the model search contest. Pretty cost effective and unique way to market the salon by means of co-sponsoring events for the modeling agency.

2)  The wine bar; how can this benefit the business? Again, what if the company were to have cross-over marketing events. What if the company were to hold a style/model show (not a contest, rather a "show" of models) at the wine bar one evening and what if this were a very exclusive event to attend.....this would make the wine bar very popular for people who want to attend such an event. Again, this would be cross-over marketing because people would also learn of the salon. Additionally, the wine bar could become a good profit center by being a meeting place after work and on weekends when the salon might not even be open.

 3)  The company isn't even projecting or accounting for revenues from modeling contracts, the company doesn't even mention this potential jackpot of revenues. Just how much revenue and profits might the company make in this area.

4)  What about retail? The company mentions in one line on the website that it hopes to develop a retail line of beauty products. That is a HUGE industry. Consider after the company has stores/shops throughout the US, ponder the profits it could generate from retailing its own line of consumer beauty products.

**Owing to the foregoing and other contributing factors, VLDE appears to have virtually unlimited potential!

Company web site:


The purpose of this advertisement, like any advertising, is to provide coverage and publicity for the advertised company, its products or services. The information provided in this advertisement is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation or which would subject us to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction or country. Verify all claims and do your own due diligence. This advertisement is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities and does not provide an analysis of the financial position of the company. We recommend you use the information found in this advertisement as an initial starting point for conducting your own research on the advertised company in order to determine your own personal opinion of the company before investing. We are not offering securities for sale. An offer to buy or sell can be made only with accompanying disclosure documents and only in the states and provinces for which they are approved. All statements and opinions contained in this advertisement are the sole opinion of the authors and are subject to change without notice. We are not liable for any investment decisions by our readers. Readers should independently investigate and fully understand all risks before investing. It is strongly recommended that any purchase or sale decision be discussed with a financial adviser or broker prior to completing any such purchase or sale decision. We are not registered investment advisers, or broker-dealers, or members of any financial regulatory bodies. The information contained in this advertisement is provided as an information service only. The accuracy or completeness of the information is not warranted and is only as reliable as the sources from which it was obtained. We disclaim any and all liability as to the completeness or accuracy of the information and for any omissions of material facts. The advertised company has not hired us and we have not received any compensation from the advertised company. In order to be in full compliance with the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), we anticipate receiving fifty thousand dollars from a non-affiliate third party shareholder as compensation for the distribution of this stock profile. Additionally we have purchased shares in this stock. Since we are receiving compensation and hold stock in the advertised company there is an inherent conflict of interest in our statements and opinions and such statements and opinions cannot be considered independent. We will benefit from any increase in share price of the advertised company. We may sell our shares at any time, without notice, before, during or immediately after the release of this advertisement. The liquidation of our stock may have a negative impact on the stock price. Any price targets and/or projections mentioned are solely opinions and should not be taken as suggested holding periods. We may sell our positions in any companies advertised before they reach such target prices. The receipt of this information constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Reading this advertisement shall not create under any circumstances an offer to buy or sell stock in the featured company. Nor shall it create any principal-agent relationship between the reader and us. Information within this advertisement contains "forward looking" statements within the meaning of Section 27(a) of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21(e) of the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, goals, assumptions or future events or performance are not statements of historical facts and may be forward looking statements. Forward looking statements are based on expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated.

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