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This email is for Monday's new members of It contains the same information from yesterday's Email Alert. The company that I believe has great investment potential is Ceristar (CTRI). CTRI is currently trading at $0.55 and at these low levels this is a tremendous buying opportunity. I traded CTRI in mid July when it was at $0.80 and I saw it run to $1.94. After I sold my original investment I started buying shares once it started to dip back down. I have been accumulating shares from $1.50 all the way down to the $0.60 levels. I think CTRI is ready to make a big run once again. With only 5.9 million shares outstanding, any type of good news causing volume could make it run to $2. If you go to the link and look at the recent news, they talk about having revenues of 8.9 million dollars per year. Also, most importantly, CTRI will be having a conference call on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at 4:15 P.M. EDT. This conference call will be discussing corporate development and will be hosted by CEO, David L. Bailey. I am just introducing you to the company while it's trading at such low levels right now, but I will discuss CTRI in greater detail this week.

I have been paid 13,250 shares of CTRI and I plan on buying more this upcoming week. I am not going to think about selling any shares until it is in the mid $1 range.

Best Wishes,

Joseph B. Galazzo

Except at listed above, no contact information is available for the entity sending the abovementioned newsletter.

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