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Subject: ****URGENT STOCK ALERT****
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 19:21:21 -0600
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Dear Serious Investor,
Stock Watch Alert is putting all investors on HIGH ALERT as we have an explosive situation on hand with the stock NasdaqBB: WLSY.

WLSY Facts:
Completing a Reverse Merger with 2kSounds Inc. for Restricted Stock 20 to 1 Forward Split coming $5,000,000 Financing with Restricted Stock

WLSY Share Structure:
Symbol: WLSY
Shares Outstanding: 20,500,000 (18,500,000 Restricted)
Est. Float: 2,000,000
Recent Price: $2.50
Target: Look at other short squeeze situations below!!!

We have been following this situation for quite some time and have information to lead us to believe there is a short position of over 1.5 million shares on WLSY and growing everyday. What this means for investors is a possible “Short Squeeze” opportunity.

These 1.5 million plus shares that are sold short have to be bought back!!!

We believe that WLSY existing common stock continues to be subject to abnormally high short selling by speculators, who may also be engaging in a practice commonly known as a "naked short" sale, which means that certain brokers may have permitted their short selling customers to sell shares they do not own and may have failed to borrow shares for delivery to the purchaser of the shares. Consequently, there may be a substantial number of purchasers who believe they are stockholders of the Company but who, in fact, would not be stockholders since their brokers may never have received any shares of WLSY for their account.

Rumor of a “Short Squeeze” is one of the most powerful rumors that ever hits Wall Street. When you have the opportunity to get in on one of these- YOU TAKE IT as it could make you profits you only dream of!!

INVN was rumored to have a huge short position in the 5 dollar level, the company has recently ran to over $45 a share!!! That is a possible gain of over 700%

It was rumored that CDDD had a short squeeze back in February ‘99 when the stock ran from less than five dollars to over $60.00!!! You could have made over 1000%

TIDE was rumored to have a huge short position it ran from under $.25 to over $1.75!!! You could have made over 600%

JNOT was rumored to have a huge short position in their stock very recently and the stock ran from less than $.10 to over $1.30!!! That is a possible gain of over 1000%

KKD was rumored to have a “Short Squeeze” when it was trading at around $15 the stock ran to over $45 a share!!! You could have made over 200%

The Company WLSY is merging with:
2KSounds locates and promotes new musical talent, and produces and distributes their music through a variety of methods, including joint ventures with major labels, sub-labeling and partnerships on albums by existing artists. Most significant, 2KSounds has entered into a direct distribution agreement with EMD, a division of EMI, one of the five major world-wide music companies, under which EMD will distribute all of 2KSounds music offerings.

This is absolutely a situation that needs immediate attention. WLSY is merging with a real company and the real deal. A private investor putting up $5 million dollars of his own money is huge and rarely does such investment occur for a stock trading on the NasdaqBB. Get ready for a huge ride in the northern direction, as this could be the biggest gainer in the whole stock market this year!!!

We will be initiating FULL BLOWN COVERAGE on WLSY later this month!!!

Verify all claims and do your own due diligence. Stockwatch Alert profiles are not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities. Stockwatch Alert is not offering securities for sale. An offer to buy or sell can be made only with accompanying disclosure documents and only in the states and provinces for which they are approved. All statements and expressions are the sole opinion of the editor and are subject to change without notice. Stockwatch Alert is not liable for any investment decisions by its readers or subscribers. It is strongly recommended that any purchase or sale decision be discussed with a financial adviser, or a broker-dealer, or a member of any financial regulatory bodies. The information contained in Stockwatch Alert profiles is provided as an information service only. The accuracy or completeness of the information is not warranted and is only as reliable as the sources from which it was obtained. It should be understood the there is no guarantee past performance will be indicative of future results. Investors are cautioned that they may lose all or a portion of their investment if they make a purchase in Stockwatch Alert profiled stocks. In order to be in full compliance with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), Stockwatch Alert and its management receives fees from profiled companies or agents representing the profiled companies. These fees may be paid in cash or in stock and they will be fully disclosed in each profile. Neither Stockwatch Alert nor any of its affiliates, or employees shall be liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damages from use of this Internet Web Site, caused in whole or part by its negligence or contingencies beyond its control in procuring, compiling, interpreting, reporting or delivering this Web Site and any contents. In no event will Stockwatch Alert its affiliates or employees be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on such contents. Since Stockwatch Alert, receives compensation and he or members of his family may hold stock in the profiled companies, there is an inherent conflict of interest in Stockwatch Alert statements and opinions and such statements and opinions cannot be considered independent. Stockwatch Alert and its management may benefit from any increase in the share prices of the profiled companies. Information within Stockwatch Alert profiles contains "forward looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, goals, assumptions or future events or performance are not statements of historical facts and may be "forward looking statements." Forward looking statements are based on expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated. Forward looking statements may be identified through the use of words such as "expects," "will," "anticipates," "estimates," "believes," or by statements indicating certain actions "may," "could" or "might" occur. Stockwatch Alert has NOT been compensated for this report and we do not own any stock in this company. We do know existing shareholders and intend to buy and sell stock in the open market for trading purposes. We intend to contract with the company and hope to be compensated at that time for our services. Stockwatch Alert encourages its readers to invest carefully and read the investor information available at the Web sites of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at SEC WEB SITE and/or the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) at NASD SITE - NASD has very good information on its site on how to invest carefully. Readers can also review all public filings by companies at the SEC's EDGAR page. Stockwatch Alert may make use of information including, but not limited to, Company Press Releases, SEC Filings, Company Profiles, Other Research Sites, Brokerages, Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Electronic DataBases, Company Interviews, and other Publicly accessible sources. Stockwatch Alert neither represents nor warrants the accuracy of information provided by any of the sources mentioned above and therefore: THE READER SHOULD VERIFY ALL CLAIMS AND DO THEIR OWN DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE INVESTING IN ANY SECURITIES MENTIONED. INVESTING IN SECURITIES IS SPECULATIVE AND CARRIES A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK. THE INFORMATION FOUND IN THIS HOME PAGE IS PROTECTED BY THE COPYRIGHT LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES AND MAY NOT BE COPIED, OR REPRODUCED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED, WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE EDITOR OF Stockwatch Alert.

To be removed from this "opt-out" mailing list please reply with "REMOVE" in your subject.

Except at listed above, no contact information is available for the entity sending the abovementioned newsletter.

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