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Strategic Stock Intelligence, Inc

June 15, 2002 - Issue 466
American Energy Services, Inc.
Symbol: AEYS
Shares Outstanding: 16,631,643
Float (est.): 6,934,055
Current Price: $ 0.13

AES (AEYS) looks to place $30MM to $45MM of GRNO Plants
in Mexico over the next two to three years.

<font size=2>Rarely has SSII found a previously profiled company that is poised for expotential growth. AEYS, under the leadership of Pat Elliott, is making huge strides in the energy industry, especially in Mexico. Last month's news of the purchase by Parador del Sol S.A. de C.V. on the $4.5MM Environmental process facility has prompted staggering interest from the other industries that can benefit from the patented GRNO technology to convert waste oil into diesel and jet fuel. AEYS' President, Pat Elliott, says Mexico's new commitment to the environment under President Fox and Jorge Lechinger, Secretary of the Environment are real initiatives, not simply patronizing platforms. AEYS has been greeted on every governmental level with open access to information and new environmental objectives to help facilitate the installation of these pateneted plants.

Recent News

The L.O.I., announced on January 14, 2002 has turned into a contract under full review by OPIC for financing. Overseas Privite Investment Corporation (OPIC) based in Washington D.C. has applauded this transaction for its environmental benefit coupled with cultural and financial windfalls for the State of San Louis Potosi.

Update on Defense Contracts

AEYS, teamed with Blackwater Engineers' President, Mr. Calvin Worley, are low bid, and in spec on several US Navy and Air Force projects. AEYS' President, Pat Elliott, stated that core AEYS business for its manufacturing facility in Houston Texas will benefit from the manufacture of engineered products needed by these Department of Defense contracts.

These contracts complement AEYS core growth as a manufacturer of petroleum and chemical valves while additionally enhancing the acquisition opportunity of compatible companies, which is a constant in AEYS plan growth.

Update on Debt Restructuring

AEYS, under the leadership of Roy W. Hill, President of Oil and Gas Consultants, has reached conclusions and agreements on 90% of the negotiated settlements. "AEYS produces high quality products with made-in-the-USA workmanship and I firmly believe that for the United States to maintain its industrial competitiveness, it must maintain a domestic presence in the volatile oil and gas market. I am excited about assisting AEYS to reach the next stage of its growth", said Roy W. Hill. "The Company has an excellent reputation in the United States, including Alaska and also in Mexico and Canada. We will work first to reduce debt, then provide the capital for intelligent acquisitions and finally leverage its strong customer base to create a much larger company," said Mr. Hill.

Investment Reasoning

As was stated before, energy prices are skyrocketing and predictions indicate that this is a continuing trend for the foreseeable future. With AEYS' cutting edge valve technology already in place, combined with the new letter of intent recently signed, AEYS is well positioned to exploit new opportunities in the industry.

Strategic Stock Intelligence (SSII) is an independent marketing firm with paid subscribers. Subscriptions are $69/year for SSII newsletter service. This report is based on SSII's independent analysis but also relies on information supplied by sources believed to be reliable. This report may or may not be the opinion of AEYS management. SSII has been retained to reprint and distribute this report on AEYS and has been paid $75,000 by a third party investor of AEYS. AEYS and its officers and directors may from time to time buy or sell AEYS common shares in the open market without notice. Ongoing technical analysis may from time to time cause the target price to fluctuate without notice. The information contained in this report is not intended to be, and shall not constitute, an offer to sell or solicitation of any offer to buy any security. It is intended for information only. Consult with your financial advisor about AEYS.



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