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So much to go through... so little reason to go through it. :-)

Good prices but is it worth the abysmal customer service?

This is telephone service in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century, whether you're talking about local service, long distance, cellular phones, or public phones. You forgo the complex details only at the cost of paying more for your communications.

TracFone's service can be an economical alternative for those who want to have a cell without feeling the need for much talk time. But if you're thinking it would be good for use in an emergency, it just might not be there when you need it.

And you can count on having a lot of trouble when entering new airtime cards, with a declining level of customer service. In my most recent experience, my third call to a CSR was to their 800 number from a landline. Whenever I spoke, it came back with a full-volume echo about a quarter of a second later, which was extremely distracting. And the only way around this would be to call back and go through their menus again. Also, for west coasters, there is no customer service after 7 p.m.

Here are my whines...

excessively effective packaging

Honestly, this isn't the only product sold in a clear plastic "clam shell" package that's designed such that there's no possibility of opening it and resealing it without this being very obvious. Nor is it the only product sold in these plastic packages that require some sort of sharp-edged instrument to open.

If you use regular scissors, they will probably become uselessly misaligned after you use them on this package. If you use a kitchen knife, you risk stabbing yourself. Puncture it with a pen and then try tearing it, you'll likely cut yourself. So they're open to personal injury lawsuits as well as cost of replacement scissors.

complex pricing scheme

You need to add minutes within 60 days, unless you get a 12-month card, which tends to cost about 60¢ a minute. You have to deal with 150 minute cards that cost different prices depending on how long before they expire. You basically need a spreadsheet to figure out the best way to manage your airtime.

deceptive packaging

limited availability of customer service

loads of confusing "deals"

activation process

promises promises

and more if you already bought the phone, you could have gotten in for free

other reports

contact informatio

promotion codes

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