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The Two-Step Method can earn you BIG MONEY for YOUR MULTI-LEVEL and MAIL-ORDER programs.

Dear Friends:

You may have been invited to join a networking program. If you decided to participate, this letter is for you. This is for serious- minded people who want to make money from mail-order or MLM. If that's you, read on!

I've been involved in MLM and mail order for several years and I've made a lot of money. For many years I suffered the big frustration that most MLM marketers experience. You pay big bucks for a mailing list and mail thousands of packages with high expectations, only to receive a few responses. Many programs claim that if we mail just a few invitations well soon be gleefully skipping to our mailbox to find dozens or orders. In reality, you rush to the mailbox desperately hoping to receive just one order.

This described me for years until one day, quite by accident, I discovered a way to TRIPLE MY RESPONSE RATE by using my old mailing lists. I'm no genius, and I'd like to say that I invented this method through creative insight, but that's not true. Actually, I practically tripped over the Two-Step Method. This powerful money-making technique stimulates people to respond to your offer faster than you can imagine! This method worked all the way down to people I had previously mailed to. Members of my downline in turn tripled the response to their lists, which worked its way back up the line to me.

The results: My income tripled and I was able to retire after a couple of years. This method generates more money than you can imagine! Does this ring any bells?

If you've had any of these experiences, you can benefit greatly from the Two-Step Method:
***You answered an ad in a national magazine about a money-making opportunity.
***You received an offer in the mail for an MLM program that promised you tons of money.
***You ordered the necessary reports, copied them and purchased at least 200 names from one of the suggested companies.
***You faithfully mailed out 200 packets or letters just as instructed.
***Instead of receiving money in the mail, you were deluged with other people's offers.
***So, you had the brilliant idea of offering your program to all these people but, you got even more offers From more people.

What happened here? How did you become the potential buyer instead of the seller? That's not what you wanted!


I'm going to let you in on three little secrets.

FIRST: When you order a mailing list arid mail out your program, you've just converted yourself from a potential seller to a potential buyer. Almost every mailing list has a spotter on it. This spotter will place you on their mailing list so you start to get afl this stuff you don't want. They also sell your name to other mailing list companies who in turn sell your name to other hopefuls like yourself. Now you're just mailing to each other. Everybody m this group already has all the promotions they can handle and more. You have little chance of making big money from the mailing lists that you purchase.

SECOND: This mailing list is less than one-tenth of one percent of your total market. Because everybody is mailing to the same people, it will take about a thousand letters to sell one person. At this rate you are losing money hand over fist. If you are to make money in this business, you must reach the other part of the market - the people who are not on the list. To make matters worse, your downline is in the same position as you are. If you keep mailing in the same circles, nothing will happen. Everyone will decide they are spending more than they are making and they will stop mailing your program. They may move on to something else thinking it is the fault of the program, which as you and I know is not the problem. *Any honest program will work if given enough attention. But, you canít afford to give it the proper attention if you are losing money with every mailing.*

THIRD: This is what really annoys me, the spotters often pirate your program. They remove your name and place theirs in its place. They then send out your program to hot, new prospects, which there are plenty of, if you know how to reach them. Maybe you invested in re-typesetting your program to make it more attractive and easier to reproduce by your downline. The spotters take advantage of your generosity and use your beautiful new copies.
To avoid the spotters, stay away from the list generators. There are better ways to obtain new prospects.

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