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When I entered the multi-level mail order business, I thought I would make fast money. All I got were more offers that I didnít need. I became obsessed with finding a way to make money in this business. I knew that the key to success had to be in finding the right people to contact, but the mailing list companies were not producing for me. I tested every ad and every mailing to find out where I went wrong.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER & PROFITS! After 14 long months I found out how to beat the system. I turned the tables on the spotters and figured out how to get them to circulate my name. After that, I never purchased another mailing list. I made more money with the Two-Step Method than from any list I had ever used. I also stopped the spotters from using my letters to save themselves money. I broke the system and became the mailing list companyís nightmare because I found out how to beat them at their own game and gain the profits. And in the process, I became rich beyond my wildest dreams. In the first four months of using the Two-Step Method, I made $19,650. In the next year and a half, I made over $11 million!!

Here are just a. few of the things I learned that will help you to profit from your mail-order business ***How to get my name on the spotter's list. ***How many opportunity seekers there actually are in the market. (At any given time, there are roughly 10 to 15 million!) ***How to generate my own FREE mailing lists with extremely responsive names. I never bought another mailing list! ***How to stop spotters from using my program to save themselves money. How to stop them from removing my name and using their own. ***How to use the mailing list companies to my benefit. ***Most importantly, I learned how to beat the spotters. I learned how to get other opportunity seekers, who were trying to sell me their programs, buying my programs.

I've developed a foolproof and fail-proof method of generating BIG MONEY in multi-level mail-orderrketing. Anyone who has this same knowledge can also succeed and become financially independent! I have included all of this information into my paper entitled "How to Triple Your Response and Income from Your Mailing Lists". It provides full instructions. With this report, you will have an almost unfair advantage over your Competition! You can make more money in three months than others make in three years.

YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW! TURN YOUR MLM PROGRAMS INTO REAL MONEYMAKERS! My paper isn't full of half-baked ideas or notions. It's an introduction to a realistic and workable plan which provides the exact step-by-step details you need to know to make the Two-Step Method work. You may decide not to Take advantage of this offer now. But, do not throw away this letter! You are going to need it in the near future when you see offers coming your way and wonder what the best method for contacting the right people would be. Think about what could happen if you cpuld convert all those offers into customers for your program. With the Two-Step Method, you have the opportunity to turn your mail-order or networking program into a money-making machine, and change your future for the better.

I sincerely wish you the very best in your mail-order business. John J. Sillen P.S. I've included in my paper a bonus tip that explains how to find the names of people who are guaranteed to buy from you. These names are FREE. You do not need to purchase a mailing list ever again. P.P.S. If you decide to order the paper at this time, replace the name in the coupon with yours. Print the invitation and start mailing it to your downlines. But order the paper now! You'll need it when your orders start coming in. ORDER NOW TO BE PREPARED WHEN YOUR ORDERS START ROLLING IN!

Send cash or a money order for $10.00 & two first class stamps. YOUR NAME or COMPANY _____________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS __________________________________CITY _____________________ STATE ______ ZIP _______

(Copy and use this for your coupon.)


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