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The following statement is from the Honors College 2005-2006 Handbook from the University of Illinois at Chicago, as posted at


As a student with strong grades, you will likely be invited to join honor societies. Most of them are legitimate organizations, but from time to time we hear about suspicious organizations offering membership for a fee that turn out to be simply scams. Honor societies with an established history at UIC can be reached at the following URL addresses: and

You can also check the Undergraduate Catalog on pages 201-204 for a more complete list of honor societies. In general, you should ask yourself what joining an honor society will do for you. It can help affirm to others that you are a student in good standing, it may offer you the chance to apply for scholarships offered by the society and, if it is an honor society in your major, it may offer useful advice about the field you are going into and career-specific awards.

As a general rule, you do not look better to a graduate program, employer or scholarship competition if you are in 10 honor societies as opposed to one or two. In choosing what groups to join, consider how much they are asking you to pay and what you get from the payment (a newsletter? a pin? an induction ceremony? the chance to compete for scholarships? prestige?) You may also want to ask faculty and staff if the organization is well-recognized and well-respected. If it is not, will it be useful to join it? If the name of the honor society is unfamiliar, talk to someone in the Honors College or the Office of Special Scholarship programs to find out if it is legitimate.

A partial list of honor societies is listed below:

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