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linked from Cagey Consumer Highlights web search for Cagey Consumer Highlights is owned by Zustek Corporation/Krishna Balasa in Irvine. Zustek is an email marketing services provider. Their client list certainly includes a number of well-known businesses such as Mattel. But this doesn't mean that all their clients are using acceptable email practices.

The message in question purports to come from "Elected Officials". IMO, although it doesn't ask for my bank account number or promise a share of $27 million dollars, it reads like a Nigerian scam letter or a phishing spam. That's because it never provides any meaningful identification of who's really behind the email.

Within the body of the letter, the sender is identified as

Voter Emailing Company
2001 S St. NW #630
Washington, DC 20009

To "confirm" your opt-in, they ask for an email to domain (registered to Mindshare Design); to opt-out, they have a link to ... however, others report receiving the same message with a link is to, which is registered to "Equifax E-Mail Append" in Boca Raton.

Anyway, Voter Emailing Company has a web site at which states that they have paternered with Voter Contact Services to add email addresses to the national voter file. For what it's worth, Voter Emailing describes themselves as "a partnership of corporations", like that's useful.

It provides phone numbers of 202-265-4272 as well as a link to and another phone number 800-VCS-FILE aka 800-827-3453.

The registrant for is listed as "Max Fose" (no address!) ... the registrant for is Voter Contact Services in Santa Clara, CA, with the administrative contact listed as Glenda Hughes in Sunnyvale, CA. Phone number is 650-849-1529. The web site indicates that Glenda is the president and a Bill Dalhy is Chariman of the Board.

Other personnel include two representatives, Scott Hughes at the 800-VCS-File number and Wendy Kaleiwahea at 888-VCS-7744 (888-827-7744) and 808-384-2000 (in Hawaii!).

Voter Emailing has taken the time to update its privacy policy... it's dated 2/22/2005, but the home page calls 2004 "the year of the internet" as of 2/2005.

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