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Interstitial Ad Delivery by n-CASE

Windows Media Solutions, which has no connection to Microsoft, provides spyware which, though normally installed only with permission, may not do exactly what you expect it to. If you see a task named msbb.exe running, that's their software.

Spyware is software that runs on your computer and reports on your activities.

It may claim to intelligently mange your browser cache, or to "help" you browse, or anything else that will get you to install it. Among other things, it may alter the web pages you view, report back on what you've browsed, and modify your browsing experience in ways you won't necessarily like.

The Media Solutions "Brower Buster" creates pop-up windows. It examines the web pages you visit to determine what sorts of popups to display. It may also display completely unrelated popups.

When you install it, you are assured that you can remove it at any time, but when you remove it, it may not remove itself completely, lying in wait to become active at a later date. You may even be warned not to use uninstallers designed to remove spyware because they don't remove it completely. Consider this a warning flag that the program may do more than it promises to, and the "more" may be something you don't really want.

Here are some of the file that may be present on your computer if msbb is installed:

Some writeups about the spyware from Windows Media Solutions:

To read a rationalization:

Here's the contact information for Windows Media Solutions, obtained from the domain registrations for and

PO Box 3904, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72913
225-757-2666 Fax
Technical Contact: Service, Customer user support at domain

Here's the contact information for which is purportedly connected to this spyware:

5400 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033

From own web site comes this admission that they deceive consumers into installing their Ncase spyware by claiming it's something somebody would actually buy:

When bundled with other software products, we don't charge the user for our software - and instead offer it to the consumer for free to install if they desire (a $4.99 value). Once installed, we provide the user with contextually based shopping alternatives which then generate money for us based on our partnerships with the comparison shopping sources. We can then either share with you a percentage of the revenue generated from your users, or pay you a flat fee per install, whichever you prefer.

This is what they tell consumers:

n-CASE was developed in order to bring you the best and most relevant offers on the Web, without requiring you to change your searching habits. Rather than forcing you to come to our site when you want to comparison shop, we instead wait in the background and quietly (and anonymously - we never collect any personally identifiable information) watch for the products and services that you are currently searching for on the Web. When you search for a product or service within our comparison-shopping network, we show you that alternative Web site in real-time. The benefits to you, and to your wallet, are profound.

Beware of these instructions from

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