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For a company to be considered legit on the web, they have to abide by certain rules. We as consumers of these web sites have to establish a standard of acceptable behavior.

All this comes about as a result of a need I had to install Yahoo's Messenger software.

When I was done, I noticed that my browser was cluttered with all sort of icons on the toolbars, links, etc. All stuff that I got, I suppose, as a result of accepting the standard installation options.

I really don't give a flying finger as to whether everybody else is doing it. Each company must behave ethically, even if every other company is unethical.

So I consider Yahoo's decision to install all this stuff that I didn't ask for, and to install it without a warning that they would do this, to be unethical behavior. Unethical businesses don't deserve any consideration for anybody to use their services in any way whatsoever.

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