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The following article was orginally published in the 1/23/2005 Clovis News Journal and on the web at and is republished here withou permission under the fair use doctrine.

Police were dispatched Friday to the 1400 block of St. Andrews Drive in reference to a fraud report.

The officer spoke with a woman who said she had been ripped off by a door-to-door magazine salesman.

She said a man came to her door and sold her $108 worth of magazines, but then she saw a news report on TV exposing a magazine sales scam. She planned on canceling the check she used to partially pay for the order.

Later it became clear that the company was legitimate. Other officers said the company sends representatives through the area every year, and the responding officer made contact with the company to validate the sales.

So there you have it, folks. Clovis cops can recognize a legitimate operation when they see one... all they have to do is ask the folks running the operation. :-(

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