Curriculum Vitae

Name: Nathan Mantel (Married, 4 children)
Home Address: 11508 Regency Drive, Potomac, Maryland 20854
Date and Place of Birth: February 16, 1919; New York City, New York



Other Professional or Scientific Society Affiliations

Editorial Activities

Major Positions

1984-1990 Visiting Professor. Neuroepidemiology, Temple University School of Medicine
1982-Present Research Professor. Statistics, American University
Sept. 1985 Lecturer. Institute of Health, China National Center for Preventive Medicine, Beijing
1974-1982 Research Professor. Statistics, George Washington University
1947-1974 Mathematical Statistician. National Cancer Institute
1967-1978 Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics. Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh
1940-1947 Economic Statistician. War Production Board and Antecedent and Successor Agencies (on military leave -- 1942-1946)
1963-1964 Visiting Scientist. New York University School of Medicine
May-June 1973 Visiting Professor. University of Tel-Aviv
June-July 1978 Senior Visiting Fellow. Department of Statistics, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
1979-1984 Member. International Steering Committee for Seveso
1987-Present Member. External Scientific Advisory Board, American Health Foundation


379 scientific publications between April 1945 and August 1994 are too numerous to list. These deal in largest part with the development of statistical techniques or their application to scientific research, particularly in the area of cancer. Additionally, various publications in non-scientific areas related to the work of the War Production Board and the data collected on the reporting forms from the War Production Board.