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Snacking Industry Lead Beckmans to Sweet Success

Bainbridge-Auburn - With the recent downturn in economic conditions, many people are feeling trapped in jobs they don't enjoy. High unemployment rates cause people to stay in dissatisfactory positions for lack of better employment options. Darla Beckman and her husband Carl, from Mayfield Heights, found a way to beat the odds and find "sweet success."

Darla worked as a part time office manager for most of her life. It was not until Carl was victim of a corporate buyout and diagnosed with cancer that Darla was faced with a major challenge. Who was going to support her family?

Taking a major risk, Darla decided to go into business for herself. Not only did she need to pay her existing bills, but they were also falling further in debt. Feeling entrepreneurial, she ventured into the snacking business and created D.C. Vending Inc. She began with 16 machines from Antares/Natural Choice, a vending distributor. Once the machines are purchased, Darla completely owns them and they are at no cost to businesses.


Darla learned quickly that there was a high demand in small to mid-sized businesses for such vending because larger vending suppliers will not cater to offices with less than 35 employees. Also, snacking does not follow the ups and downs of the economy. It is virtually a recession proof industry.

Antares/Natural Choice has been empowering individuals in their entrepreneurial efforts since 1987. The company provides vending machines and support to business owners, like the Beckmans, who stock the machines with whatever snack or beverage item the customer desires.

Presently, Darla and Carl have 61 machines. Their business is reaching companies in Northeast Ohio and growing on a daily basis. "I have more requests from companies than I have machines," Darla laughs!

Providing more than financial success, the snacking industry offers time. Only working a 30-hour workweek, Darla is able to spend valuable time with her husband during his fight against cancer. Carl was also able to fully retire from his 50-hour workweek at age 55. Furthermore, the Beckmans are now debt free and are building their dream home.

"The snacking business is a life changing decision," says Darla. "Like any honest business it takes time to develop and has taught me what life is really all about."